Abducted on Ocean Parkway

Ocean Parkway was unlit, and the nighttime sky was black as ink. The car radio was acting weird; switching stations and full of static. Kelly just shut the radio off as it was starting to wear on her nerves. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a state trooper suddenly keeping pace with her car on the shoulder. Where did he come from she thought to herself? Just then he took his radar gun and pointed it at the hood of her car. He then backed off, and as Kelly checked the rear view mirror he was gone. That was weird, and why did he point his radar gun at my car for?

Just then the car stalled. Kelly lost her power steering, and had a difficult time getting the car over to the shoulder. Kelly was stranded on the side of the road. At this time of the night Ocean Parkway is nearly deserted. That cop is up to no good. She reached for her cell phone in a panic. Her fingers trembling she fumbled with the dial, and then she felt relief when she heard it start ringing on the other end. The phone went right to voice mail.

“David please pick up! It’s me; I’m stuck at the beach on Ocean Parkway, between Gilgo Beach and Oak Beach. Please, hurry up something strange is going on. David, please pick up the phone. Oh My God! “

She saw it. It was huge, absolutely silent, and heading straight for her. It was chevron shaped and it was wider than the parkway. It was hovering low only about 100 meters off the ground, and traveling west in a straight line for the obelisk at the Jones Beach traffic circle. Complete fear now enveloped Kelly as the UFO quietly cast its shadow over her car as it flew overhead.

Kelly fumbled with the phone again and noticed the time 1:11. You have got to be kidding me. She had been seeing this number everywhere for days. She was going to take pictures when all of a sudden the trooper was at the driver’s side window.

“Where did you come from?”

“Get out of the car, Miss?”

“Didn’t you see that? What was that?

The trooper didn’t wait for an answer. He just reached in and grabbed her by her shirt collar. She was suddenly lifted from her car through the open driver’s side window. The trooper let her go and Kelly was left levitating outside her vehicle. Suddenly a bright light engulfed her, and she was instantly transported by a flash of lighting into the sterile surrounding of the boomerang shaped UFO she had just witnessed.

She still had her phone in hand. Thinking quickly she slipped it under the hollow in her back as she found herself on a cold metal table of some sort. She’d get proof. She would take pictures. It was at this point Kelly noticed the bandaged index finger on her left hand. She also noticed two human like beings on the other side of the room. They turned around and looked at her. They were beautiful and stood about seven feet tall.

“Why am I here?” Kelly pleaded. “People will be looking for me you know. You can’t just pluck people off the road and think no one will notice.”

“Be quiet Kelly Middleton.” The one with the blonde hair and turquoise eyes said that, but its lips didn’t move. It was thought transference. Kelly was scared. What was this?

“How do you know my name?” Kelly was stunned to realize she could read its thoughts.

“We know all about you Kelly. You are a part of us. Your mother was picked to carry you, and then you were adopted out. There are many like you. You and the others are the future of our race. You have done well, and now we have removed our transmitter. You can enjoy your life now, because we no longer need you. Now that you can no longer have children the transmitter is no longer necessary, and we do not want anyone finding our transmitter as you get older.”

“You mean?”

“Yes, Kelly. We did visit you many times, and we did act on your behalf many times. People thought you nuts sometimes, but you weren’t. You really are part alien. Your sons are also 1/8 alien. We will watch after you all your days, but we no longer need to keep constant tabs on your whereabouts.”

“What about my boys?”

“We monitor them and keep them safe. Earth is in danger because of belief in Gods, and people killing in the name of them. Humans could be so much more advanced if you would stop the killing in the name of us.”

“You mean?”

“Yes, we were with Elisha, Elijah, Moses and many others through time.

“What is happening? Is the world going to end?”

“No Kelly, the world is in turmoil, but it is not ending. Fanatics who believe that everyone should think the same way are making it tough for the human race to develop the way we would like. The being you call God is not happy. Too many people kill in his name on your planet. What God would want that? How is killing giving him glory? When people kill each other for political reasons and then use God as a cover story it is a major insult to God no matter what faith is behind it. The killing of innocent civilians creates murderers, not martyrs, and to say otherwise is a grave offense.

“So are you an angel?”

“Some call us angels others call us aliens. We are just keepers of the knowledge of light and dark. We try and keep things stable, but humans are anything but stable. You are emotional and that makes you a danger to each other and to us. You are going back now Kelly and you will remember none of this. “

The alien turned around to fiddle with the adjustments of some knobs and dials at his work station. Kelly reached under her back and took out her droid. She hit the app for the camera and clicked three fast snaps and quickly put it back in her rear pants pocket. The two beings turned and looked toward Kelly and transmitted a final thought in unison.

“Go in peace Kelly Middleton.”

Kelly woke up in her car on the Robert Moses Causeway right by the light house. She looked out and directly into the face of a deer. What a beautiful creature. She reached into her rear pocket and pulled out her phone and opened the camera. She took a quick picture. She looked at it and was struck by the beauty, and very close proximity of the animal. She then scrolled to look at what other pictures were there.

What the! There were three pictures inside a strange room with odd hieroglyphs, and two extraordinarily odd looking beings. She noticed the time on the car’s clock said 7:11 and she wondered how she got there. She vaguely remembered being pulled over but that was six hours ago. She then remembered the chevron shaped UFO and how it passed her and then like a boomerang turned and came back towards her car. Oh my! I was abducted on Ocean Parkway.

The car started right up and Kelly raced towards home. She was finally starting to relax when she turned off Ocean Parkway, and was driving north on the Wantagh Parkway towards home. David won’t believe this but she has proof. People are always being abducted, but no one ever has any proof. She never understood that. Kelly always thought that if she was ever abducted that she would steal something off the UFO, or take pictures. How come these people never have any proof of what they say happened?

Her stomach started rumbling. Kelly drove to the McDonalds on Wantagh Avenue to get some breakfast. It was Sunday morning and there was quite a long line at the drive thru. Instead of waiting she parked, and went inside to place her order thinking it would be quicker. There was a state trooper on line next to her. A place on line opened up at the register beside her, and the trooper placed his arm on the small of Kelly’s back and gently led her to the spot in front of him. She smiled and nodded, then placed her order. After getting her order, she got back in the car and drove home to where David was waiting.

“Where have you been? I was frantic looking for you.”

“David you won’t believe what happened!”

Kelly reached into her rear pocket to grab the phone, but it was gone. She remembered the trooper. He had picked her pocket while on line. She didn’t have proof after all. No one ever has proof.