ABC Soap Fans Buying Hoover Vacuums Instead of Chocolate This Easter Weekend

Late last week ABC announced that they would indeed be canceling the soaps even after just weeks before they were claiming that cancellation of the soaps were just rumors. They had even told their soap stars that the rumors of cancellation of the soaps were just that, rumors.

Just two weeks later they give those soap stars a slap in the face by finally announcing the truth that Brian Frons indeed had decided to cancel the soaps. Being lied to by a Network Executive didn’t seem to come to be such a great surprise to the soap stars or their fans. What happened next was.

As the word of the cancellation spread like a ripple in a lake that soon turned into a wave in the ocean, the soap fans took to their computers and telephones texting, emailing, calling and talking to everyone they could think of for help and who might listen.

On Monday Hoover announced that they would stand behind the soap fans and they cancelled their advertising spots starting today, April 22, 2011. Indeed I watched and they were true to their word. There were absolutely no Hoover ads played during the soaps.

The soap fans want to reward Hoover for their support and in that effort many soap fans are going out this weekend and buying new Hoovers and even for some their first Hoover if they have never owned one before. I suspect that Hoover will have trouble keeping up with the supply while this weekends product demands become evident.

In fact, many folks are telling their family and friends that instead of candy, especially Hershey’s candy, since Hershey has not yet stepped up, that they would rather have a new vacuum or if they already own a Hoover vacuum, then buy some supplies for your Hoover. I just check out the Hoover website and they are running a 72 Hour Sale online. If you don’t need a vacuum, Hoover also offers other products like Carpet Cleaners, air purifiers and specialty vacuums.

It would be best to buy directly from Hoover and not give stores like Walmart and Target who have as of this moment not stepped up to stand behind it’s consumers as requested repeatedly and directly by the consumer. In fact I am sure if Hoover could announce record breaking sales this weekend, they’re would be a few more ABC sponsors that would step up to the plate to do what is best at this time for their consumers and their respective companies. With all that in mind, here is the link for the Hoover website where I am heading right now to buy myself a new vacuum cleaner.
My friend who is also the local postmaster informed me that she is also getting herself a new Hoover this weekend. Think of all the clean houses and how many calories we will save by not eating candy and the additional calories we will loose with all the vacuuming. It’s a win win. Happy Easter.