ABC Fans and Soap Fans in General Were Disappointed by 38th Daytime Emmys

We waited with anticipation. It was a night we all looked forward to all year. We would see our favorite stars dressed in their fancy clothes. We would see those famous reels of our shows as they competed for the prize of best show of the year. It was a night the stars and the fans wouldn’t forget, until this year.

Yes, the stars still came out in their beautiful clothes. Yet, we didn’t get to see the reels. In fact, we saw no clips at all when it came to soap opera awards. Yes, we got to see clips from the Oprah Show since she won a prestigious award for retiring after 25 years. We even got to see special career clips from Pat Sajack and Alex Trebek, after these two very popular game show hosts who were honored for lifetime achievement awards. These were all nice awards and nice clips. However, where were the clips for the soaps?

Where was the acknowledgment for “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” for being on the air for over 40 years? This is what the fans wanted to know. The only small acknowledgment was a walk down memory lane when Susan Lucci won her one and only Emmy in 2008 and a clip that showed her many weddings. Yet, this was not worthy of the work Ms. Lucci has performed for over 41 years.

The fans may have been disappointed by the Emmy’s. They were even disappointed by some of the remarks made during the night. However, there were some small highlights for ABC fans during the night such as:

· Jonathan Jackson (Lucky “General Hospital) winning the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor

· Brittany Allen (Marissa “All My Children” winning the Emmy for Best Younger Actress

· Laura Wright (Carly “General Hosiital” winning the Emmy For Outstanding Lead Actress

Of course, the biggest highlight of the night was during that ‘˜so called tribute’ to Susan Lucci when Susan was able to speak. She stared at the audience and began to speak to her fans. She made a remark about how “Daytime is alive and well.” She also stated that her “Fans are on Fire.”

Yes, her fans refuse to give up on her or on “All My Children.” They hope to find a new home for this treasured soap and for “One Life to Live.”

Now the 38thDaytime Emmys are over and many fans have sighed in relief and have begun fighting again. The biggest part of their fight is a coupon campaign. This is a simple campaign in which all soap fans can be counted. If you are a soap fan, of any soap, no matter which network, or if you have been a soap fan or if you are just a fan of scripted television in general make sure you are counted. Go to: print off your coupon and mail it into the PO address provided. It is that simple and it may actually help all of us find a new home for Erica Kane and all the other great actresses of these beloved shows.