ABC and Brian Frons Have No Idea What the Normal American Woman Needs or Wants

If Brian Frons was smart, he would just shut his mouth. If ABC was smart, they would put a gag order on him, not their soap stars. Case in point the latest, foot in your mouth response that Brian Frons told reporters in response to Oprah Winfrey’s exit from daytime television:

” Women no longer feel that they need to have an escape in their daytime television, “They are looking for information so they can take an active role in changing their lives. It’s a huge difference from what we’ve seen before.

First of all, why wouldn’t women need an escape? Let’s look at the lives of an average American woman. Their stress levels are higher than ever because of facts they cannot control:

· The rise in everything essential that they need to buy: gasoline, food, rent, etc.

· The rise in crime

· The political unrest in the world that does affect many since many women are either in the military, are wives of military men or have a close friend or relative in the military

· The rise of crimes that affects their children right in their own schools.

· The rise in diseases such as breast cancer and heart disease (some of which is caused from heredity, not lifestyle choices), not to mention many other health conditions.

These all are situations that the normal American woman thinks about on a daily basis and no daily lifetime program is going to help her solve these problems. No, neither will a soap opera. Yet, that soap opera will give her a break from those worries for at least an hour a day and that is an hour in which she can rest, she can unwind and she can regain her strength to take care of her family.

No, soap operas will not solve the answers to the problems of the world. But life style shows will not solve these problems, either, besides most American women will tell you that they are sick of these types of shows. They are tired of glitzy, skinny women who are made up by hair stylists and clothing designers coming out on a stage trying to tell them what to eat and how to dress. They are also tired of handsome men trying to tell them what to do, too. The average American woman knows what to eat and she will dress as she wants to dress. When she is ready to become fit and she is ready to begin the diet that is right for her, she knows how to find the information to do just that. She doesn’t need ABC, Brian Frons or some skinny talk show host telling her how to do this. She also doesn’t need another cook telling her what recipes to cook for her family, especially since most of those recipes content ingredients she can’t afford to buy, anyway.

What did Brin Frons accomplish from his latest remarks? He made the average American woman and the average American man, (who found his remarks distasteful) angrier. His words also made those who were all ready angry at ABC for cancelling “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” more dedicated to come up with even more ways to make sure ABC feels their anger through loss of revenue and loss of ratings.

If you are angered by Brian Frons words and ABC’s actions of cancelling “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” Please join: Fight-4-Our-Abc-Soaps-Movement . You can read about their mission statement here: Fight 4 Our ABC Soaps, What We Are About . If you are currently in a group to save the soaps, you don’t have to leave that group to be a member.

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