AB 459 to Kill California Middle Class

They’re at it again. Moneyed powerful Democrats plan to wipe out the middle class in California. Here’s how they aim to do it.

Kill AB 459 before it kills you

California Assemblyman Dan Logue (R) says Assembly Bill 459 comes up soon for full vote by the California Legislature. The bill has to do with the National Popular Vote (NPV).

NPV is a movement started nowhere else but the dyed-in-the-wool Democrat city of San Francisco. The measure would do away with the Electoral College, focus power in Federal government, strip states of their constitutional say in the nation, and ensure the election of Democrat presidents.

Death knell for GOP

Passage of AB 459 in California would sign up the state for that disastrous change. In addition, it would wield a death blow to the Republican Party in California, Logue believes, squashing any GOP gains in state legislation or constitutional offices.

Ruling elite for perpetuating poverty

It’s no secret that Democrat elites rule over Californians depending on government. It’s a relationship for votes. The relationship keeps elite Democrats in money and power in exchange for government’s support of lower classes and unionized labor. Their bought votes keep Democrats in power; dependence on government keeps the working poor in poverty. Why don’t Californians “get” that?

Death knell for middle class in California

The despotic relationship survives at the expense of the middle class–those businesses and workers who actually work to produce value. California’s taxes and regulations punish them the most. Their profits are confiscated legally.

When they’ve had enough, businesses leave the state, in essence voting with their feet. Their real votes, typically aligned with the GOP, diminish and eventually die out. In effect, AB 459 would be killing California’s middle class.

— and elsewhere

If AB 459 is passed, it will perpetuate the middle class exodus out of California. If similar legislation in other states passes as well, National Popular Vote becomes operational, ensuring the perpetual election of Democrat presidents and promoting a one-party America.

Red states representing middle class America would be squeezed out of their say in national elections. NPV consolidates power in the federal government as opposed to the states. This, in effect, not only wipes out the middle class in California but also citizens who make their own way in middle America too. I won’t mention how contrary it is to the founding principles of our consitutional government.

Adios, AB 459

This is what Democrats aim to do, starting in already blue California. If you are a middle class American–and most of us are–tell me why you wouldn’t fight to kill AB 459 right here in the state right now.
Source: http://www.flashreport.org/featured-columns-library0b.php?faID=2011051409394681