A Zombie’s Lover

It has been six months since Mason had lost his family. Six months since a drunk driver had killed Liam, his husband. The only solace Mason had was directing movies. He was the top director in an unnamed city in California and everyone admired him, but life wasn’t the same for him. The penthouse felt empty to him, devoid of life. It unsettled Mason much that he even thought about leaving the country. “Maybe a fresh start would help me,” he mused, seeing that he haven’t gone on dates or seen anybody. He avoided parties, social functions, and the glamour of being an eminent director.

One night after a walk in the city along the bay, deep in thought, he returned to his penthouse. He heard a strange sound, a moaning near his penthouse and went to investigate. There, he found Liam, or what was left of him. He was a walking dead, a zombie. Mason sprung into action and tried to kill the zombie version of Liam. After he thought that Liam was finally gone forever, he headed up to his pad, not noticing that Liam had straggled behind him. He was so wrapped up in his grief that he didn’t feel Liam breathing down his neck in the elevator.

Once he got up to his floor and went out on the balcony to lift weights, he finally noticed Liam when he heard a groan that sounded like “brains”. He was afraid for his life and didn’t want to be infected at all. He schemed on ways to leave the country immediately, but nothing came to him.

Unknown to Mason, Liam did have some sanity left in him, some memories of his human existence. With time, zombies’ mind starts to decompose of the memories and the survival instincts take over. His body is already pale, and his face mottled with holes of decay. His eyes had sunken in his face, but his maroon iris still struck Mason. His body had lost weight and in place of muscles were a skinny lanky body, a body with no muscles due to the decay.

Two months passed, Liam went out every few days to refuel his body with human body parts. Mason slowly got used to having Liam live with him. He had no idea that Limone was the source of many people’s disappearances in the city. He thought there’s another mass exodus and that there will be plenty of new residents in the city soon. Liam finally gained Mason’s trust and dragged him to the bed, and Mason tried to resist him, but soon gave in to his desires.

After their romp in the bed, Mason fell asleep, leaving Liam to fend for himself. He had no idea that the zombie was standing over his sleeping body, ready for the kill. He slowly clawed his way in, ripping Mason pieces by pieces. At first Mason screamed in agony but as Liam bit in his throat, the screaming stopped.

After Mason was killed, Liam took residence in the penthouse for the next few months. He bit people whenever he could. Whoever remained in the city were at risk. Many people took refuges at “the hills,” where celebrities are known to reside. He made his way to a bar near the shipping yard. After devouring the humans, he stood in the bar alone with corpses on the floor with blood everywhere.

After a day walking back to where he thought he resided, Liam saw another zombie. Without thinking, he dragged himself to the zombie and hugged him. It was Mason in zombie form. It wasn’t love, but an attraction. Zombies don’t know what love is. They only know of attractions, usually it’s temporary. No words were spoken, only moans in between kissing and passion. Passion that the zombies could even muster.

They silently walked out of city, towards “the hills.” Looking for humans to chew on, to find food, to survive, although they can never die fully. Leaving the abandoned city behind them. They dragged on together, not straying from each other much. If zombies had love, this would be it.