A Zombie Wedding Cake Has Never Tasted so Good

Mmm…the wedding cake. Such a delight to behold and usually the first thing sought out once a guest arrives at the reception. Every bride wants her cake to be beautiful, unique, and absolutely delicious; after all, it is the main centerpiece at the reception. There will be photos of this beauty in the wedding album and on all of the guests’ cameras so it had better be a good one. The bride asks herself how this can be accomplished, as there are so many cakes out there in cyberspace that choosing one design is mind-boggling to say the least.

Consider the wedding itself-what theme has been used? Some brides want their cakes designed around the color used in the wedding, as in the bridesmaid dresses or bouquets. Other brides prefer an all-white cake with real flowers.

This year, cakes are unique to the couple. I have seen (and gladly eaten) zombie cakes with chopped off heads and dripping with red filling in the center, silver industrial tool cakes, and even a cake hosting a kilted groom on the top of it. No one looked under his kilt.

I have witnessed elaborate cakes shaped into the form of the wedding dress of the bride, and works of art that had hundreds of encrusted rhinestones almost covering the entire cake. Although I am not sure how to actually eat a rhinestone encrusted cake, it sure did look delicious. The most popular cake trend for 2011 is the cupcake tower. In this case, the budget-minded trendy bride selects one smaller cake to cut, and scores of fancy cupcakes to serve to guests. In other words-be creative and use your noodle to design whatever it is you want, and then find a great baker who is confident of his or her skills.

Consider this:

• What hobbies are shared between the couple that may be incorporated into the cake?

• Is simplicity important, or is ornate more stylish?

• How many people are going to be served by this cake?

• Cupcakes can be made with several flavors and toppings oftentimes for less cost.

Another trend, which has taken years to establish and makes much more sense, is the serving of the top tier cake to guests. Normally it is reserved for the bride and groom on their first wedding anniversary, but really, who wants to eat cake that has been frozen for a year? Certainly not me, the Cake Critic. I want fresh, scrumptious cake, and I bet the bride and groom do, too. So, serve that top layer! Order a fresh cake on your first anniversary, and each year afterwards. Make it a beautiful tradition for the two of you. Wedding cakes are not just for weddings…at least according to me.