A Zombie Soldier in the Marked Legion: The Beginning

I fill my days as a part-time barista at the neighborhood coffee shop. I love my job but more than anything, it’s the regulars that make me come back. Sharing their everyday lives with me in between their espressos and lattes. For a few hours in the day, I get to live vicariously through them.

Now, I never need to sleep but I do it to feel human. Most nights I work for the Marked Legion as a zombie soldier. Not your typical job but an important one if you knew about us.

There is no recruitment office. They find you.

To be a member of the Marked Legion, a senior zombie officer had to literally, ”mark” you. For me, one night, it was this searing pain that I experienced in my right thigh. Hawke, a Commander no less, had branded me and in so doing created a zombie soldier. The powers that come along with it took some time to understand but now I had all eternity to train.

Through reading a persons soul, Hawke had the ability to see a vision of their future. What he found in reading mine was what he had been searching for: the one who could restore balance in their world. He had wrestled with the idea of taking my human existence away only for a moment. His instinct gave him no choice. He made into a zombie.

It has been a couple years since that day. I or rather , we are still waiting to see what exactly that is trapped inside me that can change their world.

I`ll give you the condensed version of who we are. The Legion of Marked Zombies is a hidden army that fights a battle against The Unmarked. Long ago, there was a battle over what to do with humans. The undead aka zombies were known as those who had died but were of the unkind or evil persuasion. The undead were not allowed entrance into heaven. A step into that world and they would immediately disintegrate. They lingered in the middle of two worlds – neither alive nor completely undead.

One day, Amdis, angered at this purgatory, decided that he no longer wanted to straddle between these worlds. Since the undead could not inhabit heaven, he decided their world would be earth. Taking over human kind and making life on earth a zombie playland. He set upon a mission to acquire more humans.. The Amdisian army proceeded to destroy as many humans to populate their vision of utopia.

At the same time, within the undead was a faction of zombies who felt opposed to this unnecessary war. Not everyone who was undead had felt more deserved this fate. They opposed sending innocent people to the world of the undead if they had done nothing to deserve it. Hawke and his soldiers marked their allegiance to this cause by wearing the symbol that he had branded on my thigh.

Our job is to rendez-vous at The Point, gathering our forces and relaying them to parts of the world where the Amdisians attempt to eat the brains or prematurely steal the souls of the innocent. Once stolen, they become evil drones in his army to do only more harm.

We walk in your everyday and you will not see us. At night, when the undead come out to cause havoc, we protect you from the zombies that want to take your soul: brains and all.

I was seventeen when this happened to me. Naive of the darkness and potential evil surrounding me. This completely thwarted what I knew of the brain eating, slow motion zombies of the movies. They actually existed but like true Hollywood fashion not quite the truth.

Back to my espresso machine, I have customers.