A Zombie Meal

Daytime: That’s the time that you could safely come out. That you could carefully negotiate for your supplies. To hope to find others that are huddled together, yet wary of anyone who approaches you.

Nighttime: That’s the time you don’t want to be outside. The town, or what was left of it, came alive, for a lack of a better word. The alive part, well, that’s the dead that walk the streets. The zombies that are looking for their next meal and all you are trying to do is not be that next meal.

I have been on my own now for the last 3 months. I have been using the skills from my days in the military. I thank god every chance I get for those skills, and that each day I continue and survive.

I am not too sure how it all began. From what I have been able to piece together, it was a government experiment that went wrong: The ability to bring back the dead. Little did they know that they were creating a thing that can only be killed by removing its head. I mean, hell, man has wanted immortality for centuries. But I don’t think anyone wanted to live forever like these things. No thank you, “I’ll take dead and buried for one hundred, Alex”.

Today was a close call. I got caught outside of my safety zone when the sun went down. I was out looking for food, supplies, and weapons. Time got away from me while I was inside a sporting goods store. I had made my way in, secured the doors, and found a bonanza of equipment. It felt like Christmas morning. I starting making my way through the store, stockpiling the equipment I found: Weapons, ammo, knives, clothing, you name it for a sport, it had it. But as I was packing up the last bit of equipment, a couple of the dead found me. Apparently, I had missed a door. The only thing that kept me from being dinner was you can’t help but hear them walk. They are not the most graceful creatures that man has helped create. Dragging their feet like they are cast in lead; arms extended out; mouth slack and open, with guttural sounds emitting from their throats. And I’ve wondered, how could they no longer talk? They had talked earlier when they were alive. Now all of a sudden, they forgot how? The first time I saw one, I was reminded of an old black and white movie I had seen as a kid that had zombies. My first thought was “wow, Hollywood got something right”. Needless to say, I had the right equipment with me to get the job done. After a few well placed rounds to slow their progress, I was able to maneuver myself away and give myself some working room. With careful aim, a well placed 12 gauge round to the head creates quite a mess, but is effective in stopping those things from using you as a snack.
Score tonight- Me 2: Zombies 0.

After calling for a clean up in aisle 3, I carefully made my way to the door where my vehicle was. I had parked right next to the door. After carefully looking to make sure none of those things were near by, I opened the door of the sporting goods store, my truck door, and loaded the equipment I just scored. Now it was time to make it back to my safety hideout, without drawing a bunch of attention to myself. Yeah — good luck with that one. Dark outside, headlights on, and the only engine sound in the whole town. Yep, I won’t be noticed, except by every dead thing in town.

So each day, I continue to survive. I keep hoping I will find someone I know; someone I can trust; someone who won’t want to have me for their meal.

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