A Writers’ Setback as Unspoken Knowledge Forces Another’s Edit, I Plea Apology

I thought about writing, what the hell are you saying? It can be a bad train of thought to declare such things in ones situation! I did not say nor shed a light and he was forced to step back, I can read into words the little in-betweens.

Those expressions when frustrations seem to kill ones own achievements and set one back so far under discriminatory acts. That pass-over and passed up views that they begin to stop looking at you. So, when you do achieve you just become ignored and you stay in that horrid place where you no longer can be but quiet they force you to quite and let others fall by such folly.

I know we can’t all get our way but it is a game we all must play and yes dear there are those who cheat will not allow you to succeed to be past one or the other. I know this brutal act but your setback thank God light.

There are means and ways as some drop away to join among other groups the old man among the new and fight to prove ones return. Just be wary that age does discriminate another factor to change the factors of late stay or go with others in their reserves – push hard to return then move faster as retaliation will be at your back. Trust me, this setback will forever haunt you and be excuse to block your endeavors of future.

I know the struggles some are merited and some harsh of things we believe we can change but it is only fruitless passions. I just fear this setback will be more than a time of reflection learn the issue and grow and allowed later that you may proceed. I just fear they set you back for good as not to reap your merit or rewards. That others ensure much greater titles those politics the games that men so do play.

I wish for you an opportunity to return back ones setback and excel past them in proof your muster the voice I heard that fearless warrior. I hope he forgives me as I heard in his voice his bitter anguish that I did not speak to him and ask him to think clearly. Request a pause and see what he said in words pristine the fears, the pains and the sense of loss. The faith tested as religion of his being he tries to interject is still there but feels it slipping.

I wish he would say he forgives me as I say you would anger at my interjections that if I said it clear. But gave you a vague impression my dear. You are brash, bold and quick to anger this I know your stubborn streak as you make up your mind you set to it fast and hard. You don’t relent nor give in but your views are passionate in strongest measures. I read into your heart and know your mind is so sharp the clarity the focus from within.

Sadly, so many others don’t see this but a means to an end there tasking tool they take you to be a fool. I know it is hard the things one views with vision un-blinded but I ask catch your second wind and reflect. Serve thy master dutifully but protect thy right and slowly take back that right that is yours that position the knocked away that was yours. You will exceed them in good measure as you have the heart of a slow, strong force and movement of the earth. I wish for forgiveness that I did not express what your words truly meant that you could not see – but you rage much war within this world that none can touch you it is not an attack but a hand of tender mercy.

That mercy knows that unfairness grows that there is pain that one must commit to bring such desired pleasure but as in all things when one receives a request to follow you have more skills to carry it out as you see fit – it there is an obstacle there are choices go around, above, under and if no option follows tear it down as last resort see it fit. You have many masters in this world but some are only temporary the one that is eternal knows you and your heart so don’t fret – preserve the course of your desires and know win or lose I will follow – I will encourage and jeer you forward cause you words speak what I could not do myself as I lay slave to another ones course to follow. Through thy words I feel I too can touch the universal stars and soar beyond this entrapment that we call life – to see lands of kings and kingdoms once was lost in time. The beauty wonderful knowledge that you poses that is fleeting to so few and see it last before cast upon fires of mans destruction.

Tell me of these lost beautiful things, as I desire to make them live forever for you in my mind that is the birth of child I give you. Yes, in pain is great pleasure and some pleasures bring forth great pain that some consequences are but births of hopeful new life either by man or his ideas. As I will bear for you life that soars greater than men that dare be the eagles that leaders desires such astonishment of flight of you! This child of ideas I will in agony bare for you that in the end as night befalls a sound of joy may breath again that essence that light that remnant delight that the world has been decorated by the very beauty of you. I just wished I said something first instead those in power made you by force to edit the very story of you. As I know that words can sometimes offer insight those windows to ones mind that hidden in between the lines are things that challenges our beliefs that challenges the faith we embrace. I did not express cause I feared you would aggress me seek utter destruction of me before I could explain that I too was once like you now starting over again and spare you my great torturous pain! Sometimes we must fall to know for ourselves that great knowledge base but if I was wrong to offer you foresight forgive me please as the words have existed throughout the world as we all time to time just fail to see, I wish there an antidote our blindness to hear our in-between the symptoms an existence of mans’ misguided disease.