A Working Dad’s Sunday

Awakened by the lively branches

swaying in the sun.

As if they’re here on earth with orders

to wake everyone.

Together wind and sunbeams danced

with leaves of the old tree.

Happy dappled disco lighting shouted

“Please get up!” to me.

Still tired as the smell of breakfast

wafted up the stairs,

not until I smelled the coffee

was I racing for my chair.

I thought as I ate quickly of the

things that I must fix,

the lawnmower needs spark plugs

and the car has a new tick.

My wife looks at me anxious

wondering when I’ll begin.

She knows though not to ask me

or I’ll make a list again.

With graceful strides instead she goes

outside to pick some flowers.

Given the size of basket chose

she may be gone for hours.

Sunday morning at our house

always begins quite hazy,

but once we’ve had our java

then the day gets kind of crazy.

Working on the lawnmower might be

a little risky,

I’d rather play fetch with my dog,

boy that guy is frisky.

Then I wandered to my neighbors

to see his new pet.

It’s a red convertible

vintage Stingray Corvette!

He took me for a test drive

we were going really fast

then an enormous insect made a turn

that was his last.

Just as my neighbor was saying,

“Doesn’t this baby float!”

That big old nasty critter flew

and lodged down in his throat!

He coughed and spat until I thought

his eyeballs would pop out.

I’m sure for many miles neighbors

heard him hack and shout.

He dropped me off at my house and I

thought I’d get to work.

My wife had not returned so there’s

no evidence of shirk.

I rushed to the garage but then

I saw a great big ant.

I watched it for an hour as it

worked on my wife’s plant.

I flipped through “Mustang Magazine”

so longing for that car,

but them the fun was over

as I heard her, “There you are!”

The fire in her eyes looked like

it far outweighed the love

and with a heavy sigh she gave

the lawnmower a shove.

” I guess this won’t get fixed today,

oh God, you’re such a pain!”

And then God smiled upon me

as came down a heavy rain.

I know she wants the work done

and she thinks me just a jester,

as foolish as I seem

I work much better with no pester!