A Wonderful Restaurant in Acworth, GA

We had gone from Illinois to Florida to help my sister and brother-in-law celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. We were driving home through Georgia the first day and decided to stop for the night, just the other side of Atlanta. Not knowing the area, we drove around and found a motel. After checking in and relaxing for a short time, we decided it was time to look for a place to eat. I’d looked through the yellow pages of the local phone book, and found a couple possibilities. We decided to ask the motel clerk for suggestions also. She told us a couple places we might like, and gave us directions.

We decided to look for the Waterstone Grill, located on the main street. The motel clerk had said she thought we’d enjoy the food and the atmosphere. We found the restaurant easily. When we went in, a young woman greeted us, and asked if we had reservations. We told her no, she seated us, and asked how we’d found the restaurant. We explained the motel clerk had suggested the restaurant and told us to ask for “Jo”. She looked somewhat surprised. She said she was Joanne, and was the owner. She also explained, that since her two waitresses were very busy, she would be our server.

She asked if we would like a cocktail, and we said we would. She asked if she could serve us a special one she thought we’d enjoy, and again we agreed. Our cocktail and appetizer of a sauce with a Greek bread, Pita, arrived. They were delicious! We had looked at a menu and both decided on the Beef Tips. It didn’t sound very exciting or unusual, but “safe”? Joanne brought our entree with delicious rolls, and a small salad. Part-way through our main course, she came to check on us, and asked if we had any comments on our meal. Much to my surprise, my husband said he thought the beef dish could use a small amount of salt. Jo said she’d check on that, and appreciated his in-put.

The meal was so delicious, I said it would be worth whatever it cost. We talked about dessert, and decided we’d just have a cup of coffee. Nope, we were convinced to have a creme brulee AND a cup of coffee. We weren’t disappointed in either of these.

Joanne brought us our check, and I was pleasantly amazed at the cost of our wonderfully served and delicious meal. She also brought us a copy of the magazine “Cobb Life” (a magazine supplement to the local paper) with an article about her restaurant, and a business card. The motel clerk received a box of Brownies that Joanne wanted us to give her to express her gratitude for her referral.

If you’re traveling or close to Acworth Georgia, do yourself a favor, and go to the Waterstone Grill, 4849 N. Main St., Check out the website at: www.thewaterstonegrill.com. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Source: Personal Experience; “Cobb Life”, April 2009