A Woman’s Worth

“I’m not wearing that dress. It makes me look fat!” Rihyonce complained as she striped the satin gown from her body. “Who picked this anyway? Someone needs to get fired!”

“It’s an awesome dress Mel, it looks perfect on you” Rihyonce’s sister-turned-personal assistant assured her.

“What did I tell you about calling me Mel! That’s not my name anymore,” Rihyonce whispered. Her given name was Melissa Brown but once she had begun her modeling career a year and a half ago, she decided that she needed a more marketable name and had her name legally changed to Rihyonce.

“I’m sorry Rih. But really, you don’t have an ounce of fat on you! You have the most perfect body ever and the dress looks totally breathtaking!”

“Are you kidding me?” Rihyonce asked in disgust and pointed to her invisible waist as she stood in front of her full vanity mirror. “Look at these rolls!”

“What rolls?” The plumper sister questioned. “There’s nothing on you but skin and bones.”

“I’m not wearing that dress Jordy, I need something else!”

“Fine.” Her sister, Jordan, responded and began searching through the racks of designer dresses that had been sent to the studio for Rihyonce’s photo shoot.

Rihyonce tried on over twenty more dresses before she picked one that she liked. The photographer had been waiting for a couple of hours already but Rihyonce did not care. She was going to be perfect or she was not shooting. Once she was ready, she got on the set. “Make sure to get me from this side,” Rihyonce said, letting her right side face him so he knew what she meant. The photographer began shooting and Rihyonce posed, making sure never to turn to her left side. “Let me see what you have already!” Rihyonce said as she walked off the set and towards the photographer. The photographer rolled his eyes in impatience as she approached him.

“I’m not dealing with no diva attitude today. We should have already been done, I’ve got other stuff to do!”

“You’re getting paid to shoot me, just do your job!” Rihyonce responded with an attitude.

“You know what, I’m not doing this. Get someone else to shoot you.” The photographer said as he began packing his stuff.

“Wait, hold on” Jordan jumped in. “We’re almost done, please don’t leave.”

“Then get this girl in check. I’m not getting paid enough to deal with this foolishness.”

“I’m so sorry,” Jordan apologized. “Look, we’ll pay you 5% more than what we promised, please don’t leave.”

“Are you out of your mind!” Rihyonce exasperated, “we’re not paying him more! He ain’t doing nothing extra but having an attitude with me!”

“Forget it, I’m done. I’ll contact you once the pictures are edited so you can review them. Please don’t bring miss drama queen.” The photographer got his things and began walking towards the door.

“Where are you going?” Rihyonce yelled as she ran after him. “You have a contract! This is a breach, you can’t just leave!”

“I have a contract that says I’ll be here from 6-8.” The photographer looked at his watch. “It’s 9:15” he added and continued to exit.

“What am I supposed to do now?” Rihyonce asked her sister as she sat on the floor. The make-up artists and hairdresser began packing their things also, concluding that the day was done. The representative from the magazine that the photo-shoot was for grabbed her purse and approached the client.

“I don’t know exactly what’s going on at this point but I’ll be in touch.” She said and made her way towards the exit.

“Everybody is so urgh!” Rihyonce said as she laid her head on her legs.

“You can’t blame this on everybody Mel, I mean Rih. You did this yourself.”

“What do you mean? I didn’t do anything!”

“Didn’t do anything? You’ve been bitching since you got here. An hour late may I add. You were mad about your hairstyle, you were mad about your make-up, you were mad about your clothes. You’ve just, I don’t know, it hasn’t exactly been an easy day for anyone.”

“I’m a model! I can’t look less than perfect, you know that. It’s not my fault that you got a crew of retards!”

“Retards? I got you the best crew out there Rih. Thomas does Beyonce and Kim Kardashian’s hair! The stylist have styled for just about everyone including Tyra Banks. Beaucoup is the best photographer out there. He has taken President Obama’s pictures for God’s sake! How are they retards? You really need to stop trynna blame me for your mess ups!”

“Well, it wasn’t my fault! I came here and did my job. The rest of y’all didn’t wanna do what y’all were supposed to!”

“Oh my gosh, I don’t know why I put up with this crap from you. You better thank God I’m your sister cause I would have already strangled you to death. I’m going home”

“So now you’re gonna leave? Everyone is just gonna walk out like this? It’s cool. Leave!”

“What the hell Melissa?” Jordan shouted. “What am I gonna stay here and do? Look around! Everyone is gone! The photographer is gone! No one is here. It’s over, don’t you see? Tanya left talking about she’ll be in touch but there’s no way they are going to use your photo after how you acted today. That’s if Beaucoup even managed to get a good photo of you!”

“You’ve always been jealous of me Jordan.”

“Jealous? What do you have to be jealous of? You smoked this morning, you had to!”

“I didn’t smoke anything. You’re jealous because I’m prettier than you, I’m richer than you, I have a better job than you, a better life than you. It’s okay to admit it. You’re bitter. That’s why you screwed up my photo-shoot.”

“Oh I get it. So what you are saying is that I’m jealous that you starve yourself to death. I’m jealous that you’re anorexic and look like your ribs are about to burst out of your flesh. I’m jealous of your FAKE butt, your FAKE lips and your FAKE hair. I’m jealous of your skin that you bleached because God made you too dark. I’m jealous of your liposuction and your drawn on eyebrows. I’m jealous of your green contacts that are barely seen under those fake eyelashes. No, you’re perfectly right, I’m jealous of you.” Jordan rolled her eyes as she got up from the chair she had been sitting on. “.You really need to get over yourself Melissa, and while you’re at it, get a new assistant. I’m going home to my loving husband and my beautiful kids. What are you going home to? But I’m jealous.” Jordan shook her head as she made her way towards the door. She loved her sister but had no idea who she was these days.

Rihyonce sat on the floor in the big empty room by herself. She looked at the perfect set that had been created just for her. She hoped the photographer got a good picture out of the bunch because she really wanted to be in the magazine. She did not understand why he had left and why her sister was acting the way she did. She was a model and a perfectionist and she did not see anything wrong with that. Everyone is just so jealous, she thought, and got up to leave the studio.

As soon as Rihyonce got in the house, she pulled off her wig and made her way to her bathroom to scrape off the pounds of make up from her face. Once she was done, she admired her brand new nose job that she had gotten a little over a month ago. “Dr. Mathew did an amazing job,” She said to herself as she wiggled her nose. “But eww, I definitely need to get rid of these wrinkles asap!” Rihyonce removed her clothes so she could look at the rest of her body. She raised her boobs that had once been a voluptuous double D but was now a perky B. The modeling industry did not care much for big boobs and Rihyonce had been determined to be a top model. Rihyonce put her palms around her skinny waist. Her finger tips almost touched but she shook her head in annoyance. “I don’t know what Jordan was talking about. There’s definitely fat on here!” Rihyonce stared at her scale in the corner of the bathroom but fear kept her from getting on. The last time she had gotten on the scale, she weighed 105 pounds. Though she was 5’8″ tall, she had broken down in tears. Not wanting to experience that horror again, she refused to get back on the scale until she was positive that she had lost enough weight. Rihyonce drank some water from the tap before standing over the toilet and sticking her finger down her throat. I’ll be beautiful soon, she thought as she began to puke.