A Wildly Elegant Night

Get the girls together for a shopping trip! design your party around your clothes….the more fashionable the better. An elegant zebra print dress is the theme of this example. The men will automatically match with suits or white button up shirt and slacks. For the guests just a black tie event is all they need to know. Next the dinner ware, YOU are already elegant so you can skimp on the dinner ware and get cute paper plates There are great party supply sites for this.

The square plates give more character add some hot pink napkins for a little pop. Dim the lights and light lots of candles (be safe don’t put them by flammable items) for a little elegance. Break out your best champagne glasses…don’t have any good excuse to buy some :). Check out local bake shops in your area, We have this excellent boutique cupcake shop in our town that is just to die for, so dessert is taken care of.

Now it’s time for the food, Yum! For this theme we can look up items that fit in an African, color, or simply elegant theme. We have some wiggle room. So lets do one of each! Starter: Black squid ink pasta in a pink cream sauce (there is our color theme) . Main course: An African chicken course called yassa. An elegant pallet cleanser before dessert: Arugula, pear and asiago cheese salad in a chilled martini glass.

Now you have elegance, ambiance, and flair! It takes very little effort to create a great party theme! Just a little time and a search engine :). If you want a little more fun and flair fold your napkins in a special way. Make it fun and light that’s what this night is all about!

For decor use black vases and white flowers. Go to a hobby or scrap book store and get hot pink and zebra print thick paper. cut out a 3″ by 2″ piece of zebra and 2″ by 1″ hot pink place the hot pink on top of the zebra (centered) and fold down the center you now have a cute little place card add a tiny bow or silk flower in the corner for a little more flair. At a fabric store you can get hot pink and zebra fabric to drape over tables chairs or however you think looks best.

Set your table with decor and flair before your guests arrive. Prep the salad the day before and seal tightly in the fridge (if you use dressing like a strawberry vinaigrette don’t dress until serving) Set up your boutique cupcakes (of other dessert of choice) in a visible area like a sofa table against the wall in your dining area. Now enjoy all your hard work because it will be worth it!!