A Week to Remember

In one week; President Obama showed the world what a silly little man the Trump is; A pretty commoner married a handsome Prince, making most of England and a lot of the rest of the world happy for a day; Osama Bin Laden, the world’s most infamous and hunted terrorist was located and killed by U.S. Special Forces.

The settling of the birther issue, for the hopefully the finale time, was a long drawn out bit of political theater brought to the fore by the non-stop jabbering of the Trump to any news outlet that would provide him a spotlight; and unfortunately they all lined up to shine the light on the Trump. The President decided (correctly) it was time to make any person with half a brain shut up about his short form versus his long form birth certificate. Of course the Trump couldn’t shut up and flew in via his helicopter with his name writ large to take credit for the long form announcement; as if the achievement of having a hand in having the same information as was disclosed on the short form proving Obama’s American birth and citizenship disclosed, actually accomplished anything. The whole thing will be a minor footnote to the upcoming Presidential election in 2012, mostly denoting how petty and base the Trump’s effort to publicize himself through pandering to the most stubbornly uninformed part of the T-Publican Party.

Prince Will and Kate’s nuptials didn’t disappoint in terms of pomp, pageantry and romance, complete with horse drawn carriages, the Queens Guards, in full regalia, in attendance and the kiss on the balcony. It might have been a bit of overexposure by the national and cable networks; but it was a harmless, if also useless, look at a 19th Century anachronism in a 21st Century world. It didn’t rain and we all hope they live happily ever after.

Among the many good things about the killing of Osama Bin Laden was that it knocked the Trump off the airwaves and ended the Royal Wedding coverage just when we all had about enough of both. However, like most real headline worthy stories, it also dominated media coverage to the exclusion just about everything else. The tornadoes, the floods that have physically ravaged this country of late, along with the budget and the political bickering that has emotionally and psychologically ravage the this country, also have been pushed off the front page. But they’ll be back sooner than later and it is understandable why the killing of Bin Laden is such big news.

Bin Laden was the name and face of the unprecedented and unimaginable terrorist attacks on the U.S. that happened on 9/11/2001. He was the person in charge of and who spoke for Al Qaida, the group responsible for the attacks. He instantly became public enemy #1 and the search for and failure to find him has been the centerpiece of the backdrop for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for a decade. From the moment ex-President Bush said we would “get him, dead or alive”, until the moment President Obama said “we got him”; Bin Laden has been the ghost hovering in the room. Now finally that specter and real life villain is no more.

The incredibly complex and multi-faceted sequence of events that brought about the successful raid in Abbottabad, is a testament to skill and perseverance of the U.S. intelligence apparatus and the professionalism of the men and women who do this unknown yet critical work. Their ability to expand the scope of their connections and cooperation necessitated by the events of 9/11 does them all great credit. The leadership of President Obama as “the decider” and his whole national security team has to be given a large congratulations and thank you. While his measured approach to problem solving has at times been subject to too much criticism and too little praise; in the case of dealing with how to handle Bin Laden, the value of a completely thought out plan leading to daring action can plainly be seen. Obama isn’t a rash, shoot first and ask questions later type; but when he gets his questions answered and that answer is to shoot, he can and will do it ‘” Bang. That’s his job, and he is clearly up to it.

Whether he gets a “bump” in the polls or not, or if he gets one and it fades quickly; Obama’s ability to perform competently as Commander in Chief will not be an issue in his continuing presidency. Even his most pacifist supporters will grudgingly give him credit for his clear eyed and forceful approach to defending this country. The vast majority of people in American and the world at large will now be convinced in their perception of Obama’s commitment to use whatever means is necessary to protect the U.S. for its enemies. And yet a few people with a visceral dislike of Obama, for whatever reason, will try to diminish his role in the finding and killing of Bin Laden and try to give or take credit to someone or somewhere else. But most of us know; the lion’s share of the work and accomplishment for the raid belong to the President and Team Obama.

All in all it was ultimately a good week for most everyone. We are all relieved that justice was served and most of us are actually glad that Bin Laden was killed by U.S. troops. We can hope the Trump will have taken his time out of the limelight to reflect upon his foolish ways and commit to sticking to owning casinos, beauty pageants and TV reality shows. We trust the Royal Couple are enjoying a little well deserved peace and privacy in some castle somewhere. And after a day or two of the required parsing and nit picking about the Abbottabad raid; we have to get back to the business of moving forward with our lives as individuals and as a nation. We must try and get back to helping the people of the tornado torn Southern states. We must once again face our multiple national budget crises. We must deal with next step in our Middle Eastern military operation. And a whole lot more. But it really was a good week for most of the world.