A Wedding Candy Bar

If you are looking for some additions to put a personal touch on your wedding reception, consider a candy buffet. A wedding candy buffet can fit into a reception regardless of how formal or informal a reception is. A candy buffet is a fun, and affordable way to offer your guest some choices in regards to sweets on your big day.

What is a candy buffet?

If you are not familiar with the idea, a candy buffet is a display that is arranged at a wedding reception that allows the guest to help themselves to candy options in the amount and frequency they desire. Many couples chose to use the candy buffet to gain a double benefit: it provides choices to guest, and it can serve as wedding favors.

What are the components of a candy buffet?

Well one thing for sure that you will need for a candy buffet is candy, candy. You will need containers large enough to showcase the selections you made. Glass containers with lids are very popular option. Candy of all shapes, sizes and colors. You will want the display to be a true buffet therefore have anywhere between 5 to 10 different varieties of candy to chose from. You will need some “tools” to access the candy such as tongs, spoons, or scoops. Lastly, you will need some container to put your candy selections in such as bags, tins, or small favor boxes.

How much candy is needed for a candy buffet?

You definitely don’t want to error on the side of two little candy. A good rule of thumb is 2-3 pounds of each type of candy you select. You want to make sure your containers look full and appealing, not thin and unprepared. If that seems like way to much candy for you some of the jars or containers can be filled with other desserts such as cookies, or even fruit.

What type of candy is good a candy bar?

There are so many options available to a couple in the type of candy to place on the candy buffet. One may want to consider there own personal preferences with candy or choose off of some other criteria. Some of the more popular candy choices are:


Butter mints

Chocolate mints

Jelly beans


Gummi candies



Chocolate kisses

You can also choose candy according to its shape or ability to fit into your overall wedding theme.

The list can go on and on, there are no “wrong” selections.

How do you organize or arrange a candy buffet?

If you want your candy buffet to make an impression on your guest you need to put effort into its arrangement and overall display. Using clear containers to hold your candy will allow you maximize the effect of using candy that fits into your wedding color scheme. Many candies can be specially ordered to coordinate with your theme.

Make sure the table you place the candy buffet on is decorated and appealing to the eye. You can do this by arranging the candy in tiers, and also be mindful to have options that are available for guest with special dietary needs.