A Warning to All Criminals

Criminals are, and always will be, lost… and the lowest forms of life in existence. They have no heart or conscious because they prey upon the innocent, the trusting and kind hearted. They take advantage of anyone who trusts their fellow man and who believes… and who are good.

I have personally looked into the eyes of such people as, Richard Ramirez, Ted Bundy and other infamous criminals who have stepped far beyond the line of evil… gone past normalcy and who have shed innocent blood and I can honestly tell you… that there was no soul in these people. The spirit fled and was gone from them and they appeared to be empty inside. I was truly shocked and stood in awe at what I saw in their eyes.

Warning to all criminals

Even the laws of nature follow rules and know right from wrong. That means that even the lowest form of existence understands that there are laws that cannot be broken… yet… the criminal continues to break those laws.

Let this be a warning to all criminals who feel that committing illegal activity is OK because of survival or any other reason. I promise that there will come a day when you will face your victims, answer for your activity and the reality of your crimes will condemn you… forever.

It isn’t so much the act of committing the actual crime, but the design, the plot and plan behind what you are doing. The lives you are destroying and the destruction that happens afterwards… the tears and pain you cause is what is the most damning.

Hey criminal, does it not matter to you that one day you will face your victims? Does it bother you that one day the truth will come out and you will be exposed? Does it matter that you will pay for what you do and pay, oh so dearly for the pain you cost?

Why not accept this warning and change your ways? Why not do what is right and ask for forgiveness, change your ways and live forever in peace?


Criminals… there is another choice, but it is up to you… take it from one who sees the damage you cause and the tears you make happen in the lives of those who are good. The pain in children who are innocent… who do not know better and in those people who only expected the right and good things to happen in life because they believe in human nature.

I am asking you to have respect and figure out another way to endure… No one owes you… find another way and I promise that life for you will be… OK.