A Visit to San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas is considered one of the most romantic cities to visit. My husband and I, however, had no specific plans to visit this city until last week. My husband had been informed that he has to go for a client visit in San Antonio the next day for a week. And since the trip was going to be over a week long I decided to accompany him too, a decision neither of us regret.

Oh, I forgot to mention we live in Boston, MA. So the first thing we noticed when we landed, was of course, the heat. Since we in the flight for the last 7 hours we were definitely not prepared for this with sunscreen and all. We somehow managed to bear through the heat and reach our hotel. The moment we reached the hotel I started my research about the city, which had not been possible due to the short notice of the trip. I read and searched about things to do and places to visit. The more I researched the more enthusiastic I got about this city.

The first and most important part of the city, romantically speaking, is the Riverwalk. Anyone who visits San Antonio simply has to see this. The next chance we had, we headed out for the Riverwalk. As the name suggests the Riverwalk is a walk by the riverside. The river side has been constructed to accommodate many interesting restaurants and also an open theater. The restaurants, mainly Mexican, serve a large varieties of delicacies to suit every taste along with a view of the soft and calming view of the river. The open theater hosts a number of dance and music shows giving the audience an insight of the tradition and music. Also a very interesting and fun activity at the Riverwalk is the ‘Rio- taxi’ ride. This ride is a 35 minute guided boat ride going though the entire Riverwalk explaining the history of the city and its monuments. We were surprised to find out that the name of the city ‘San Antonio’ comes from the name of the river and not the other way round as many imagine. However, the water in the river is not very clean since the river is not a continuously flowing one. But unless you plan to jump into it, it should not be much of a problem I believe.

The next must-see place is The Alamo. This is a place where the Battle of the Alamo was fought in 1836. It holds a great importance in the history of Texas. One can see the rooms in the church where the battle was fought, the guns and cannons and other weapons used to fight this war at the museum. Also near the Alamo are a number of museums like Ripley’s Believe or Not, Guinness records, wax arts and fun ones like the Mirror maze and the haunted Adventure. Although not a part of the history of the Alamo, these museums are also interesting for people of all age groups.

We also found an interesting concept of theaters in the city called the dine-in theaters. In these theaters you can have a full course meal while enjoying your favorite movie on the big screen. I do not know if these kind of theaters are present elsewhere as well, but this was new to us. We enjoyed our movie while we had our drinks and dinner. It was a new and exciting experience for both of us.

Another nice place to visit is the Tower of the Americas. It is a tower which is 750 feet above ground level and also has a revolving restaurant, if interested, apart from an observation deck. We were not very interested in dining there but definitely wanted to go up there at the observation deck just for the view. And what a view it was. Simply breathtaking! We had the view of the entire city brightly lit up in white and yellow lights. Not to mention the strong yet pleasant winds up there. We just could not get enough of the view. But once we were done we headed to a theater downstairs which showed a 4D movie happily ending our visit to the Tower of the Americas.

Well, if you are wondering that San Antonio being a romantic place is not a place for family and children, you are wrong. There is Sea World for kids and family as well as kids museums, which is not exactly a museum but a fun place for them.

So all in all, San Antonio is a beautiful place for couples as well as for family. The only thing to take care of is the time of visiting this amazing city. Because of the weather in Texas the best time to visit would be around September or October once summer ends so that the scorching heat does not interfere with the pleasures and experiences this city has to offer.