A Villain Reveals Himself, but the Masked Man Doesn’t

It’s week two of “The Bachelorette,” and you’d think the men would still be on their best behavior. Apparently, the show dug deep to find the men to rev up the drama, right from the start.

A Fake Wedding

Chris Harrison showed up at the mansion to explain the dating process and deliver the first date card.

William received the first date to Las Vegas.

Ashley showed up in a form fitting, short, white dress, a leather jacket, and high heels. She looked amazing. She ran in the house, dropped on the couch next to William, and gave him a hug. They zipped off to the airport in Ashley’s sporty little convertible, then flew off to Vegas in a private jet.

In Las Vegas, fans asked for pictures with Ashley. William said he felt like they were a celebrity couple. She took him shopping for wedding cake. They shoved cake in each other’s mouths. Next, they looked at rings. The salesclerk asked the date for the big day. William responded next summer and Ashley floored him when she responded with a “tonight” answer. They went to a chapel and met the minister. William was a good sport and played along with everything, including an affirmative answer when the minister asked if he takes Ashley to be his lawfully wedded wife. Ashley became very quiet, and William teased her, “Babe?” After dragging the poor guy through all of that, she backed out, and refused to go through with it. William cracked up and told her it was the best date he’s ever been on before. The minister made Ashley his almost bride, so they kissed to seal that deal.

Ashley and William dined in the water in front of the Bellagio. They had to row out to it. William shared the story of his father being an alcoholic and found on the side of the road beaten. He went to see him at the hospital and it was the last time he saw his father. Ashley teared up, and it gave them an instant connection, because Ashley’s father is also an alcoholic. Ashley gave him the rose and they kissed some more. They considered it the perfect night, especially when the fountains burst up around them and people started cheering when they kissed some more. He set the bar high, and then ran back to the mansion to gossip about his date to anyone who would listen.

Date card arrived with 12 names- Constantine, Ryan M., Chris, Ben F., Nick, Bentley, West, Lucas, Stephen, Blake, Matt, and Ames.

Masked Man wanted a date so he could reveal himself to Ashley. He said he knew she would be pleasantly surprised, and fall in love with him. Instead of masked man, maybe we should change his name to Narcissistic Man. Oh wait, I think Bentley already swiped that title.

“In Sin City, Boys will be boys.”

Five bachelors were left at home, and the rest joined Ashley in Vegas. I wonder if the show purposely arranged it so the Masked Man didn’t receive an invite for Sin City, just so they could get more drama out of him wearing the mask longer.

Ashley took the group to a break dancing show, JabbaWockeeZ, the faceless winners of America’s Dance Crew. They were informed they would be rehearsing and performing with the group. The men were broken up into two crews, and had to choreograph a routine. The losers were hauled back to LA, but the winners stayed to continue the performance with Ashley in front of a packed house.

“The Best Men”- Not much of the routine was show, but they choreographed a jilted at the altar routine, where Ashley showed up at the last moment. It must’ve been as lame as it sounded, because the group was jilted and sent back to LA.

“No Rhythm Nation”- More was shown of their rose ceremony routine. They used Ashley in the entire dance, and won the competition. They stayed to perform and have time with Ashley later.

Bentley may not be hot for Ashley, but loved being on the stage with the JabbaWockeeZ.

After Party

Blake- Since he’s also a dentist, she wondered aloud if they would spend their time butting heads, because they were so much alike. She admitted to being a perfectionist and he said they would be twice as perfect. Smooth.

West- He told her about his relationship with deceased wife.

Bentley- He thanked her for giving him the very last rose. He made a big deal out of it and she called him out on his insecurity. He told her it would be different if he didn’t have a daughter. She asked him if it would take him out of the running and begged him to stay. It was pathetic to watch, especially since they showed a personal moment with him talking about he wasn’t into Ashley, and only remained because he was so competitive. She gave him the rose on the group date.

Date Card- Mickey and JP- “Love is a Gamble”- she’ll see one of them in Vegas. A coin toss with Mickey on one side of the coin, and JP on the other, decided the fate of the men. Mickey won. That means Jeff gets to wear his mask even longer. Hysterical.

Mickey- They flipped a coin for every decision they had to make. His mother passed away six years ago. He was a Mama’s boy. She flipped a coin to determine if he stayed. He won the rose. After she gave him the rose, she took him to a Colby Callait concert. They danced in the water and made out. Do I sound bored?

Rose Ceremony Cocktail Party

JP- He won a kiss with a coin toss.

Nick- He taught her a few line dance steps. William, who already had a rose, interrupted them. Not cool!

William- He apparently has a big mouth. He bragged about his date a lot. I was rooting for him last week, but he’s sinking quickly in my eyes with the gossip. He kissed Ashley some more. The guys gave him a hard time about having a target on his back. They gave him a new nickname- Dingdong.

Masked Man- He felt like he was at a disadvantage since he didn’t receive a date. He wanted to reveal himself to Ashley that night. He told her he had a brain hemorrhage five years ago, which made him realize how precious life was. He was married to someone he had been with for ten years. He found out about some dishonesty and moved on. He was about to reveal himself and Matt interrupted them. I don’t know why Ashley didn’t ask him to give them some more time. Who knows, maybe she did, but production interrupted. More drama that way.

Ben C.- He told her was jealous of the dance date because he loves to dance. He told her they had a lot in common and needed the chance to explore it.

Bentley- When William was talking about his date, Bentley said he’d rather swim in pee than plan a wedding with Ashley, but was competitive and wanted to stay. He said he thought Ashley would be open to ramming his tongue down her throat. He went and found her, scooped her up, and set her down in front of the fireplace. He pulled her on his lap, and told her he didn’t want to talk and began kissing her. He told us, but not her, the kiss sucked at the end. Ashley said she was concerned about him because of the text messages she received, but she had a good instincts, and her gut told her to trust him. I wonder how she feels about that now.

Men Who Received Roses- West, Constantine, Ryan P., Ben C., Nick, Ames, Lucas, Jeff (Masked Man,) JP, Chris, Ben F., and Blake.

Dumped Men- Stephen, Matt, Ryan M.

Matt- He was bummed. He felt he wasted an entire trip for losing to a guy wearing a mask. He called his Mommy first.

Stephen- He was disappointed.

Ryan M.- He saw himself with someone like Ashley and would’ve bent over backward to take care of her.

Watch next week, when Bentley promises to make Ashley cry.