A TV Show Called “Mobbed” Came Out of Nowhere!

Maybe the rest of you guys knew this show was coming on, but I sure didn’t. Right after watching American Idol tonight, a totally different, but mind boggling show came on my TV. It was called “Mobbed” and was hosted by Howie Mandell. After watching an emotional evening of AI, I was completely blindsided by the likes of “Mobbed”. It was all about a wedding proposal. Let me explain.

We’ve all seen those flash mobs on the internet where a large group of people are all in on the plan, and all of a sudden, they all break into song and dance, and the unbeknownst people are all standing there wondering what in the world is going on. Well this was sort of like that, but a thousand times better. As Howie Mandell puts it, “It’s Glee meets hidden-camera meets Jerry Springer”. But again. Only way better.

Tonight’s show was about Justin wanting to ask Nikki to marry him. We see Justin being interviewed and he tells us that he and Nikki have been dating for three years and that she is the love of his life. He said that Nikki is very jealous though. In order to reassure her that he loved her, he moved from where he lived, leaving behind his family and friends and even quitting his job, in order to move to where Nikki lived so they could start their lives together. And now he wants to ask her to marry him.

The show pulled out all the stops. They had such elaborate plans, I couldn’t imagine how they were going to pull it all off. Nikki thought she and her boyfriend won a contest to see a movie premiere and go to a special after-party. But many surprises were in store for her, because behind the scenes, the elaborate plans were being practiced and unfolding for the big evening, and we get to watch it all while watching “Mobbed”.

The evening begins. Everyone and everything is in place. Justin and Nikki are all dressed up and coming down an escalator to have dinner in an elaborate setting. They are escorted to a table and order their drinks. Nikki orders “Sex On The Beach”. A minute or so later, a female approaches their table, and of course, the female is in on the plan. She seems happy to see Justin, but gets very angry when Justin introduces her to his girlfriend, Nikki. All the while, Nikki is confused. The clincher was when the girl throws her drink in Justin’s face and walks away. Nikki starts to cry and is very upset. We see Howie Mandell behind the scenes looking a little worried that perhaps he went too far.

Restaurant personnel converge on the couple and Justin is whisked away to get dry clothes, and a supposed manager of the restaurant is talking to Nikki and telling her that in spite of what just happened, that he knows she is still going to have a great evening. She thanks him for his kind words, but we know she’s thinking he’s just patronizing her. But us sitting at home watching know that he really means it.

All of a sudden, the whole flash mob thing starts. Restaurant personnel, as well as patrons, start to sing and dance. They are singing the song “Everlasting Love”. Someone takes Nikki by the hand and whisks her outside where many more people are also singing and dancing the same song. She’s sort of catching on now that this was something pre-planned, but I think she’s still wondering where Justin is. The show had over one thousand people participating in this flash mob.

The next thing you know, Nikki sees Justin standing at the end of a pavement, and he’s all dressed up in a nice suit. Nikki is crying at this point, but still isn’t quite sure what is happening. Justin slowly walks toward her, and the crowd, in unison, gets very quiet. Justin gets down on one knee, and offers her a ring, and asks her to marry him. There’s not a dry eye around, mine included. Of course, Nikki says yes. But Howie Mandell and the show is not done yet. Oh yeah.

Justin asks Nikki if she would agree to get married right then and there. I think she was shocked and didn’t know what to say, but eventually said yes. A trolley car drove up and several of her friends came out and were dressed up as bridesmaids. Then a wedding dress was put on Nikki, as well as a tiara in her hair. While the women were fussing with Nikki, Justin and his brother and a few buddies danced a dance that they practiced, and Nikki was laughing and crying, all at the same time. And to bring on the waterworks even further, both Justin’s family and Nikki’s family appeared out of nowhere so they could be there for the wedding. I honestly don’t know how Nikki was standing up at that point. Talk about being surprised and shocked and overwhelmed with emotion.

The wedding was beautiful and Justin and Nikki made an adorable couple. The show then asked people at home if they had anything to say to someone that they’d like to say to them in a big way. So they are apparently planning to do more shows like this one.

I absolutely loved watching “Mobbed”. It’s all about the unexpected. I’m sure they may have a few unforeseen moments that they won’t anticipate, but that will just add to the excitement and anticipation of the show. What a great concept for a new reality TV show. I know I’ll be on the lookout for the next one. There’s nothing wrong, and everything right, about watching a feel good show on TV these days. And “Mobbed” fit that bill perfectly.

The next time I’m at the mall and I’m surrounded by a crowd of people, I’m going to imagine that I see TV cameras and that I’m about to win some lottery and receive millions of dollars. Now THAT would be a fantastic flash mob scene, wouldn’t it? I guarantee that I’ll cry. I’m crying now just thinking about it.