A Trip to Las Vegas: Family Style!

The first word that normally comes into your mind when you hear Las Vegas is “casino”. This is particularly true if you are a non-American tourist. But the good thing is that Las Vegas is actually a great destination for the whole family. That is, if you let your kids stay away from the casino areas!

There are tons of kid-friendly spots in Las Vegas that even those young at heart will surely enjoy. Allow us to help you list down these places for your next family trip.

A wonderland full of amusement and theme parks

It is hilarious to reminisce how very curious our daughter was of those colorful boisterous boxes. She speculated that those were for kids, too. But once we explained the disparity between the “adult boxes” and the “kids boxes”, which are the arcade games, she finally got the idea of which is for whom.

So thankfully, Las Vegas has amazing treats for the little angels as well. That’s why we were able to divert our daughter’s attention from those “adult boxes”. You can amuse your kids at Adverturedome at Circus Circus Hotel, Coney Island Emporium, Buffalo Bill’s, Stratosphere Tower, The Roller Coaster at New York New York Hotel, or at the Sky Mania Fun Center. These we suppose could give fair merriment to your children as well.

Hotel + Attractions = Champion for Kids

Another thing we appreciate about Las Vegas is the various awesome hotels. These amazing hotels have its individual remarkable uniqueness. You can start your tour by walking down the main strip and hunt for the hotels which you think your kids are attracted to. Then you can take your car or a taxi cab to a few far-away hotels. And honestly, not only did our daughter have a blast but my husband and I were very much entertained, too!

Among the best of the best hotels + attractions in Las Vegas are the Fall of Atlantis and Festival Fountain Show at Caesars Palace, Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts at Bellagio Hotel, Guggenheim Hermitage Museum at Venetian Hotel, King Tut’s Tomb at Luxor Hotel, The Aquarium at Silverton Hotel, M&Ms World, Gondola Ride at Venetian Hotel, and the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Aside from the attractions that each hotel possesses, it is a must to visit the lobbies as well. Normally, each hotel represents a theme based on their name. Some of our favorites are Caesars Palace, Excalibur, Treasure Island, MGM Grand, Luxor, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, and the Venetian. However we highly recommend you to visit all the hotel lobbies, if you have the opportunity of doing so! We’re assuring you that the entire family will definitely adore these hotels.

Kid Friendly Shows

Las Vegas is also recognized for its astonishing stage performances. There are tons of shows you can choose from each of the hotels. You can take a look at the list of shows at this website.

Lastly, can’t help myself to include this one. Bellagio Hotel not only exhibits amazing and enthralling display of Arts but has the most scrumptious buffet of all. So after a tiring day of touring your kids around Las Vegas, why not treat your potbellies too! Likewise, we hope these lists could create an unforgettable family holiday to you as well.


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