A Top Hotel in Nigeria Will Know Where to Point Its Guests

Nigeria’s top tourist destinations include some of the natural wonders of the world. However, only some of them are well publicised and a top hotel in Nigeria is one of the few places that visitors to the country might get to hear about the others.

One of the most beautiful attractions, far from any top hotel in Nigeria, is Owu Falls in the province of Kwara — the highest waterfall in Africa (a drop of about 100 metres from an escarpment into a pool below), situated in the tropical Owa-Kajola rain-forest. And also in Kwara is the Imoleboja Rock Shelter, a huge granite boulder with hollows big enough for groups of people to enter.

One of the country’s other wonders, regarded as a miracle of nature by some and a sacred place by others, is the pair of Ikogosi Springs in Ekiti province. Here two streams from hot and cold springs on adjoining hills flow separately yet side by side for some distance before merging into a single stream surrounded by evergreen trees that provide a canopy of sorts.

A really good hotel in Nigeria should be able to tell you about the Shere Hills that include some of the country’s most popular spots for picnics, hiking and mountaineering. Just east of Jos city in the Plateau state, the ‘hills’ comprise a range of mountains notable for their unusual rock formations and peaks that reach to thousands of meters above sea level.

Aso Rock is a big outcrop in the city of Abuja, as in a huge rock with several caves in it. Whereas just outside the city of Osogbo and famous for its shrines and artworks is the Osun Sacred Grove and its river in one of southern Nigeria’s last remnants of primary forest — regrettably, though perhaps understandably, far from any really top hotel in Nigeria.

And then there are Nigeria’s many beaches, of which the most talked about are in or near to Nigeria’s economic capital and port city of Lagos — this being where some of the country’s best accommodation establishments are vying for the title of top hotel in Nigeria, hotels such as the Southern Sun Ikoyi hotel.

Bar Beach and Lekki are the most popular stretches of sand in Lagos — the Bar Beach on Victoria Island a favourite with the locals, with Lekki Beach on the Lekki Peninsula favoured by tourists. Also on the Lekki Peninsula is Eleko, a more private beach. Tarkwa Bay within the Lagos harbour is a sheltered beach suitable for children to swim at. And west of Lagos is the beautiful Coconut Beach in the town of Badagry.