A Teenage View on Politics

Many adults would say teenagers are completely and utterly out of the loop of the political world. Coming from a senior in high school, this statement is absurd. Teenagers are far more interested than many people believe.

I will admit that coming from a very affluent town of the country (Geneva, Illinois) my views are a little biased. I am a conservative through and through. Unlike most adults would guess, I watched many of the debates prior to the last presidential election and stayed up late into the night watching the last mid-term election as well. Needless to say, I was very happy to see the Republicans take over the House.

It is one thing to say that teenagers support a candidate or not. Anyone can support a candidate. The real question is “why?”. An informed member of society will not tell you “I will vote for Barack Obama” or “I will vote for John McCain”. Rather they would say “I will vote fore Barack Obama because….” or “I will vote for John McCain because…”. They will tell you the reasons why.

As being a politically engaged teenager I will do so right now.

If I had been old enough at the time of the last election, I would have voted for John McCain because…

1. I believe in limited government. Our political system was set up in order to give little power to the central government. The Founding Fathers feared a strong executive would become a king and we would lose our ways as a republic. Our economy was established as a free-market system. I do understand the need to break up monopolies, but our government has far too much of a hand in economics. The government of the United States of America is far too large. As Thomas Jefferson once said, “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.”
2. I believe in a strong military. Our nation became the “home of the free and the land of the brave” because of our courage in battle against the British. Without protection of our country, what does our country really have? We would be a nation vulnerable to attacks from foreign (and domestic) terrorist organizations.
3. I am very much “pro-life”. I find abortion to be murder. Enough said.

I would have not voted for Barack Obama because of…

1. Taxes. Why should our taxes be raised because we make a large sum of money? The government basically told us that we make too much and that is not fair. Here is what I think is not fair – my father worked hard to reach the position he is currently at in his company. Should his hard work be taken away from him? As a student I use this analogy. “How would you like it if you studied hard for a test and earned an A, but your buddy hardly studied and earned an F so your teacher gave you both a C?” That is a simple version of what Barack Obama desires to do to our country.
2. Health-Care. The government has too much of a hand in the economy. Is health-care reform needed? Yes. Just not in the way Barack Obama wants it to be done. My father knows a man who runs a small business. This health-care plan will cost him more money because it now covers his employees children up to age 25. He has to pay for these extended years of coverage. I thought Obama was all for the small businesses of America? I guess not.
3. He is “pro-choice”. He has no problem with mothers killing their children.

I, as well as my fellow students, do have a voice in politics. Adults just have to learn how to listen to it. Do all students agree with my views? Absolutely not. But at least they have views, and these views should be heard. That is my appeal to the adults of our country. Parents, ask your children their thoughts. Representatves, ask your local teenagers their thoughts! Listen to us high schoolers!