A Teacher’s Perspective: What I’m Looking Forward to for Summer Break

I am more excited about this summer break than I have ever been for any of my three previous summers off since start my career as a high school English teacher in 2007. The reason? I have so many exciting projects that I am working on for my freelance writing career. I am working on a book with my friend, writing a screenplay, and writing articles for several outlets. I am excited to spend my summer as if I was a full-time writer. I envision my day as I picture maybe Stephanie Meyer’s or Nicholas Spark’s typical writing day. Wake up, have a cup of coffee, and do my regular morning routine of getting a little reading done for inspiration–some other blogs that I follow and reading news stories. After reading and waking up fully, I will write in my daily blog and check my emails. After these tasks are finished, I will go on a quick run to get energized before sitting down to do some serious writing.

Next, I will claim at least one article assignment to write for that day and complete it. After that, I will work on my book for a few hours, doing research and working on one chapter until it’s finished. I would also like to carve out a little time to work on some of my article ideas that I have but haven’t written yet and brainstorm about future articles, novels, and screenplays that I want to write. To finish my writing work day, I will work on my screenplay for a few hours, getting at least one of my scenes completed.

Some people might think this sounds like torture or a lot to do in one day. I think it sounds like heaven. I have only been freelance writing for six months, and teaching allows me time in the afternoons and weekends to write. However, this will be my first summer as a freelance writer, and I really want to make it count and get a lot accomplished. I think being a writer makes me a better English teacher because I feel inspired, fulfilled, and more knowledgeable which has helped me feel more confident in my profession. I became a teacher because I want to help better the world, share my love of learning and life, and help guide and influence people. Teaching in the classroom provides me with human interaction where I can see growth and change happen over the course of the year. Writing allows me to reach people outside my day-to-day life that I normally would not get a chance to otherwise and share my passions, interests, and experiences that I hope will positively effect people that read my work. I feel like writing is an extension of my teaching career.

Of course, spending time with friends and family, traveling a little bit, and cooking more complicated dishes that I just don’t feel like tackling during the school year are all on my to-do list this summer as well. I also coach volleyball and will be training the team a couple of times a week in preparation for our upcoming fall season while also playing as much sand volleyball as I personally can in adult leagues and tournaments. This summer is jam-packed already, but I am going to love every minute of it and get as much accomplished as I can during this year’s break.