A Taste of Honduras – Anthony’s Key Resort – Roatan, Bay Islands

Traveling to Central America can be tricky, and for first-timers I would recommend someplace with a solid internet presence and reliable, positive reviews. One such place is Anthony’s Key Resort in Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras. Anthony’s offers the best of both worlds. Although minimally developed, it still offers the modern conveniences that western travelers have come to expect.

Bordering the second largest coral reef in the world, Anthony’s Key Resort is a diving destination which also caters to snorkelers. If you do not dive or snorkel, however, it would probably be best for you to find another resort, as you won’t find much else to do at Anthony’s.

Packages: Anthony’s offers both dive and snorkeling packages, and in addition to your dive and snorkeling excursions, a typical seven-night package includes all meals, one dolphin beach encounter, a day excursion to Maya Key, and Island Fiesta Night on the Key. They also offer what they call a Leisure Package, but all it includes is your accommodations and one dolphin encounter. All meals, diving, snorkeling, etc., are extra. It is also important to note that the only drinks included in packages at Anthony’s are water, coffee and tea. All others, including sodas, cost extra.

Dolphin Encounters: In partnership with the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences, Anthony’s offers a variety of dolphin encounters including a beach encounter in waist-deep water, a snorkeling encounter inside the dolphin enclosure, and an unstructured open dive encounter at a depth of 60 feet.

Maya Key: A sister property to Anthony’s, Maya Key is located just a short boat ride from Anthony’s Key Resort. In addition to a nice pool and lovely beach, there is snorkeling, interactive presentations with sting rays, nurse sharks and sea lions, and an exotic animal rescue and rehabilitation center housing jaguars, ocelots, monkeys, and a variety of tropical birds.

Island Fiesta Night: Just as the name implies, Island Fiesta Night consists of dinner, drinks, games and entertainment all held outside on the island portion of the resort. A limbo contest and hermit crab races are interspersed with specialty entertainment such as performances by local fire dancers. Held later in the week, this evening encourages interaction with other resort guests that you have probably already gotten to know throughout your stay.

Accommodations: The rooms at Anthony’s Key Resort are minimal, yet adequate, and available with or without air conditioning. I recommend the bungalows located on the key, as they each have a covered porch with hammocks and overlook the water. You can easily travel back and forth to the main resort by a private water taxi that runs 24 hours a day.

Food and Service: The food at Anthony’s is nothing special, but adequate. The service is good, and after a few days the staff gets to know your preferences. They do their best to accommodate special dietary needs and go out of their way to make your stay memorable and pleasant.