A Sestina on Space

An enduring insight has not yet left this world
This collective gaze rests gently upon the shores of the future
Continues the search for meaning within the halls of science
Yet the sorrowful and lonely tears of such fragile humanity
Remind us clearly that the voyage of our inner planet
Finally binds us to the careful and willful evolution

What mighty force has thrust us to the gateway “evolution”
As unfolding of nature becomes the culture of the world
But we will not remain the subject, but the creator of our planet
To permit our tenure, our durable conquest of the future
We carry forth in squadrons, the patterns of information, the tools of a disruptive humanity
The complex notes of electronic frequency that assume the burden of science

Shake the tree hard, for it holds the inexhaustible fruit of an infinite science
Blow by blow open the matrix of the reflective evolution
Locate the emergence of the pristine dialog, heard in the ears of all humanity
See how these structures, pathways and vehicles, rise in clouds before the shimmering world
Motion of ascendance to compassion, purpose, reality and future
The mathematical sand on the shore, communicates the drama of the planet

Raise high the boundaries of the shining planet
Moving beyond space and time unlock the data mind of science
Flowing seeds of dialog bring verdant life to the inorganic blossoms of an indifferent future
Yet all is empowered and employed to see how this knowing evolution
Will find intention for the unseen and expectant waiting world
The insouciant flourish and proclamation, the boarding ticket for humanity

Will you take the longest journey now, our kind humanity
Reading the longest story, above the peach skin of this planet
Spinning out your nourishing webs of energy, bound to the light beyond the world
Home to lunar mountain and cosmic ray, defined by enduring science
Intangible dust which demarcates the sympathetic calculations of evolution
Trickling down the infinite no’s of space, infinity, symbol and future

Do not fear for the life of the future
There is no loss and no gain in the endurance of humanity
Remaining as it is, the inevitable tide of awareness washes the shores of evolution
The immaterial truth will take good care of the uncertain planet
Held by the open doorway of a most profound science
The echo of the space faring reaches us now from the most beautiful world

Catch a glimpse of the radiant world bound to the inevitable future
Do as you must with the manifests of science, take a quick ride humanity
Design and construct the edifice of a careful planet, the subtle star map of evolution