A Season of Season Finales – ‘Castle’ and ‘Desperate Housewives’

My wrap up on ‘Castle’ and ‘Desperate Housewives’ and their ‘season finale’ TV shows. Why did Beckett have to die? Why is ‘Deperate Housewives’ so crazy? Why didn’t they call the show ‘Crazy Housewives’ we wonder?

In this season of season finales, we’ve watched a few, missed a few, and still waiting on a few that are yet to come.
This is the Season of Season Finales: “Castle” and “Desperate Housewives”.


One season finale that we watched was ‘Castle’ and in the finale tonight, it was so disappointing to see Beckett presumably shot and killed with zero time left on the season finale.

Now we will never know the ‘rest of the story’. Castle did say to her, just before her eyes closed, he said “I love you, Beckett, I love you”.

But Beckett did not answer him, her eyes just shut, then the next thing we knew, the 10 pm local news was on!

That was sad, so sad!

Desperate Housewives:

This was a 2 hour season finale. It was such a conglomeration of finalities that we still find it hard to account for all that was going on in Sunday night’s 2-one hour shows.

Looks like Tom and Lynnette are a split for good. Lynnette actually told him what she felt when she thought he’d left her, “I felt relief”, she said, “I felt relief!”

Looks like Bree and her new lover are really ‘getting it on’ and his divorce is going through in spite of Bree going to his and current wife’s boutique and messing everything up. Hey, we’re still left wondering what happened to old-what’s-his-name, the young guy she was with just a couple of episodes ago? Didn’t he, like, just disappear off the face of the earth, or something?

It did look like Paul Young was going to be out of the picture permanently when Felicia, his mother-in-law, had him tied up and she was slowly poisoning him. But Susan dropped by just in time to cut him loose and save him, while almost taking a needleful of poison from Felicia herself.

Then Paul actually gives himself up as having committed the murder of his first wife back when the show first started.

And we see Felicia on the run, as she drives her car right into the path of a semi. Goodbye, Felicia! We thought you were already dead and gone and dead before, maybe this time it is true!

Gabby and Carlos are really in a pickle when Gabby’s mean, dastardly step-father attacks her, Carlos kaboshes him, and then here comes Bree, Lynnette, Susan and the one played by Vanessa Williams. They are all traisping up the front steps just before the crowd coming for the ‘house to house’ progressive dinner party.

We think dead step-father’s body is packed into the chest that is being called into service as a table for the dinner party, not sure, might have missed that little bit, or did we?

But for sure, all the ladies of Wisteria Lane are now implicated in the old guy’s murder with the disposal of the body. And since Bree has been so helpful here, in keeping this murder covered up, she and Carlos are no longer enemies, but are now ‘the best of buds’.

Susan. Well, Susan can now move back onto Wisteria Lane to her old house to be with all her good and bosom buddies again. This is after Paul had already offered to move out for her but before Felicia tried her best to put the kabosh on him. It was also when Paul turned himself over to the cops for Mary Alice’s murder all those many years ago.

We may have missed some of the excitement but now you at least have the gist of it!
We will find some other season finales to entertain you with next time!