A Season of Change

A line of red robes filed in a line towards the end of an era.

Nearly a year ago I graduated from Central Washington University with a BA in Journalism. I can still vividly remember how the day played out. It began with breakfast with my parents. There was a thick feeling of change in the air. Looking at my parents I could tell how proud they were of me without even saying it. When I put my cap and gown on my Mom barely held back her tears of joy. My family got in the car and drove towards my destiny.

Red robes sure are hot in the sun was the first thought that came to my mind as the graduating class of 2010 began to assemble. Upon arrival, my family parked next to my friend Melanie and her family. The two of us took photos together and then joined the rest of our soon to be fellow Alumni. Once in line we all spoke among each other about our possible futures. Some, such as me, had plans of continuing our educations in graduate school. Others already had work lined up. Many however had no idea what they planned to do. Such is the reality of the uncertainty of change.

As we sat through the ceremony in sweltering heat many thoughts passed through my head. Is this really happening? Will my future be successfully? What’s going to happen next? Despite a rush of uncertainty, I knew that everything was going to turn out okay. My train of thoughts was broken when I heard my name and found myself on the podium with thousands of people watching me. With arms raised to the sky I felt euphoria unlike any I had experienced before. I shook hands with a line of people with beaming faces. As we marched our recessional, the reality of what had just happened dawned on me.

I had done it! I had successfully graduated from college and earned my Bachelor’s Degree. Although I had almost lost my way a few times during my college career; I had been able to snap myself back into shape and find the strength to complete my coursework. The day was a benchmark towards a greater future for me.

Here I am now, a year later, attending graduate school. By this time next year I will be within a few weeks of earning an advanced degree. Although my undergraduate career was a stepping stone in my life story; the lessons that I learned there will stay with me for a life time. Going through a graduation reminded me that it’s important to cherish the good moments of life and take what you can out of the bad moments. A whole year has gone by already but I will always remember this day.

As for the rest of that day I took my final photos with friends and said my last goodbyes. Although it may be some time before I see many of these people again if at all we will always have this shared experience that is a college graduation.