A Salute to TV Moms: Roseanne Connor

Roseanne was the unconventional mom and head of the household in her self-titled television show “Roseanne” from the 1988 to 1997. Roseanne was a role model mom for many because she brought many issues, real life issues, up front and was very honest about them. Her husband and she struggled to make finances meet, at times they both worked, and at times, someone was out of work. This constant struggle struck a familiar cord with audiences everywhere.

Her Husband

Roseanne’s husband Dan was easy and hard to love at the same time. At a time when most dads seemed to be most business like, Dan was more like one of the kids then an adult. He likes to goof around with the kids and spent a lot of his time not taking many things seriously. In the beginning, Dan was a contractor, but being one to take crap from people he walked out of that job. Dan spent a lot of his time trying to find a job that fit him. He opened a motorcycle shop and tried other things too. Despite Roseanne’s abrasive behavior and frequent outburst, he showed a love for her that everyone was in awe about. Even though his behavior could often get on Roseanne’s nerves, he would often find a way to make her laugh.

The kids

Roseanne and Dan had four kids. Each kid had each of his or her own quirks and personalities.

Becky was the oldest child in the Connor household. Becky is very intelligent and is an overachiever. She is often upset with her parents for not being the ‘˜normal’ parents. She rebels against her parents by dating a biker named Mark. Although her parents try to get them apart, it just makes them become closer. Becky runs off to get married. They move away for a while and then move back to live with her parents. Becky often teams up with her sister Darlene to pick on their brother D.J.

Darlene is the middle child, but does not let herself squeak by. Darlene has the outspoken personality, just like her mother. Her sarcasm increases as she ages. She is an incredible writer, and is a tomboy. Darlene graduates school early to attend an art school. Darlene dates Mark’s brother, David. Later, Darlene and David have a baby and get married.

D.J. is the youngest for the longest time. D. J. is often picked on by his older sisters. D.J. seems very simple and abnormal. Sometimes D.J. seems a bit creepy because he will peek at his sisters at unusual times. Roseanne and Dan have problems quite often figuring out what is wrong with D.J.

The very last child was Jerry Garcia Connor. Jerry was a baby born to the couple in their forties. He was named after the lead singer of The Grateful Dead. Because the couple was having trouble at the time of the child’s birth, Roseanne had to raise Jerry often as a single mom.

Mothering Style

Roseanne’s mothering style is surrounded by humor and sarcasm. Roseanne and Dan show that despite not being the traditional parents they can pull together during times of trouble. Roseanne was often there for her kids even when they did not realize it. She showed everyone that parents had stressed, and she talked about many issues with her children. Even if her children were uncomfortable talking about them, she would sit down with them. Roseanne talked about sex, masturbation, drugs, and homosexuality. As a mom, Roseanne did the best she could give her kids the direction and chances she never had as a child. However, most of the time her children never listened to her advice. She showed what unconditional love was about when she would let her children back into her home despite the arguments they often had.

Roseanne had to deal with being a mother and a wife at the same time. Roseanne was the head of the household and a very strong female character without negative consequences. Roseanne took care of many people in her life and was a mother to many, not just her kids.