A Review of Tina Fey’s New Book Bossypants

America’s sweetheart Tina Fey recently published a book called “Bossypants”. The book is an autobiographical account of the funnier moments from her life. Tina Fey is a well known comedian, writer and performer. And now author. The former Saturday Night Live head writer and current star of her own show, 30 Rock, spearheads this book with hilarious true stories about her childhood, teenage years, and her meteoric rise through the world of entertainment. Additionally, Tina also takes time in her book to point out her mission on achieving equality in the workplace. It’s something that she has accomplished by becoming the first female head writer of Saturday Night Live. In addition to writing about her experiences about Saturday Night Live, Tina talks about the experiences in her life that have shaped who she is today.

The book starts off by lightly covering her childhood. It treads on her ancestry and she talks about the unique hairline that all Greek women have. Tina is incredibly honesty, to the point where you feel uncomfortable. However, it remains very funny with some legit laugh out loud moments. Tina does not go into great detail about how she got the scar on her face. She has to save something for her 2nd and 3rd book after all. But she does discuss the scar on her face and how the positive attention from it got the ball rolling on the type of woman she is today.

The most interesting and humorous part of the book comes from her teenage years. And that’s probably true for most people. Tina Fey describes her high school life as being lifeless until she found the local theater summer camp. She describes very vividly the friends she made at theater camp. This included a pair of 25 year old lesbians and some very effeminate brothers. She talks about how she was immediately accepted into the community of “misfits,” and really began to sharpen her wits. She expresses great love for the people she spent time with at this summer camp, and it comes through in the writing. Despite the many hilarious stories she writes, you get a real personal touch from Tina. She comes off very real.

Later, Tina starts talking about her beginnings in the improve group Second City. She recalls a funny tale about when the group got in trouble for doing their own material on the road, rather than the material that was given to them. From Second City, she slowly started growing into the current funny lady you know today. There is a great few paragraphs about Lorne Michaels, as well as some excerpts from Saturday Night Live scripts. These scripts came from when she portrayed Sarah Palin during the early 2008 season. Additionally, she goes on to be brutally honest, but funny, about 30 Rock’s very mild success and even concedes that nobody thought it would be given a full season.

The book “Bossypants” by Tina Fey is by no means an in depth autobiography about the most recent woman to turn comedy on its head. It does however, give a nice view about how certain moments in Tina’s life turned her into the entertainer she is today. There were no rough patches in the book. All the chapters were sewn together well and were fluid. That would be expected from the former head writer of a prestigious television franchise. Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” is a recommended read for anybody who enjoys reading about someone’s humorous rise to fame, with a little awkwardness sprinkled in the mix.