A Review of the Wal-Mart Mainstay Candle in Peach and Mango

I have a love for candles. I have several in my home at all times and many of them are from different companies.

Candles can be very expensive, but sometimes you do get what you pay for.

I have some candles that retail for $20 that are so strong, that only a 10 minute burn time releases enough fragrance to fill the entire house.

I always like buying smaller, inexpensive candles for the bedrooms and bathrooms as I often keep the doors closed and the scent does not need to be so concentrated. I also like these for when I am taking a relaxing dip in the bathtub.

On a recent trip to Walmart, I decided to browse through their home section to check out their spring candles.

Each season, Wal-Mart puts out a few new scents. For spring, the scents are floral, fruity, and fresh.

All the candles in my home were warm and wintery fragrances, so I was excited to see the lighter crisper smells.

The one that I decided to buy was from their “Mainstay” line. The Peach and Mango scented candle was the best one in my opinion, but I still wanted to try the smaller jar. The jar was only $1, so it was very affordable. There are larger options as well ranging from $3.50 to around $5. You can also buy these in , votive, pillar and tea light candle form.

The scent was fruity and very peachy, though I didn’t detect too much tropical mango scent.

I am not sure how large the candle is, as I do not see any type of size on the bottom sticker. The sticker on the side of the jar is removable.

I would take a rough guess and say that this is about the size of 2 or 3 votives. The jar is really pretty and is made of clear glass. It is very simple and should not clash with décor.

The color of the peach and mango candle is a very orange peach shade. It is actually quite nice and spring like.

Now, the true test is how well it smells while burning.

I can honestly say that I do not detect any type of fragrance from this candle unless I stick my nose right above it.

I have this burning right next to me as I type, and I cannot smell a thing. I am literally only a foot and a half away.

This might work well in a very small closed off bathroom, but do not think you will get a strong odor with this small candle.

I do know that some of the larger candles do smell stronger than the smaller ones or the votives though. I am unsure if this one in a larger form would work better, but I am not going to try it. The larger ones are around 5 bucks, and I would rather spend a few dollars more on another brand’s peach scent.

This is a nice candle to burn for the look though, or to put in your bathroom during a nice bubble bath.

Always be careful with any candle and never leave them unattended.


My jar candle in the scent Peach and Mango from the Mainstay line.