A Review of the Blackberry PlayBook

Blackberry’s PlayBook tablet hit the market on April 19th. Since then, I decided to pick one up to replace my then broken Apple iPad. The PlayBook is a 7-inch tablet that is both powerful and capable of multitasking among other things. Research in Motion, owner of Blackberry, finally decided to step into the tablet PC market and created a fairly capable and smooth device. For the most part, this tablet is a great choice for any user, but it does have a few issues.

PlayBook Pros
For starters, the Blackberry PlayBook is a little powerhouse with plenty of great features that some other tablets lack. The device is designed for multitasking, which has long been absent on most tablet computers. Also, the PlayBook supports Adobe Flash 10.2, so it runs just like a desktop or laptop computer. This device starts at $499 for a 16 GB model and moves up from there, so it is priced on par with other devices.

Like many other tablets, the PlayBook sports a rear- and forward-facing camera with 5-megapixels and 3-megapixels respectively. Blackberry’s Playbook runs on an all-new operating system with desktop sync and more. The device’s on-screen keyboard is incredible and responsive, especially when combined with the great web browser. Plus, the battery life is high for a tablet, and the multitasking capabilities keep programs running at all times instead of pausing them when not currently in use. Blackberry Bridge will be a great surprise for users with Blackberry smartphones.

PlayBook Problems
The PlayBook isn’t a flawless device though. For starters, the applications available for the device are very meager in comparison to the Apple and Android marketplaces. At only 7 inches, the device is on the small side even though it is one of the most powerful tablets on the market. There is a power/wake button on the device that is actually incredibly difficult to press, so users might get frustrated when trying to wake their device from sleep. Still, the main problem on this device is the small screen size. Oh, the device only sports Wi-Fi at the moment, so there is no 3G or 4G.

Should you get one?
For now, the BlackBerry PlayBook is a great first entry into the tablet world for RIM. The device is incredibly powerful and its multitasking capabilities are unbeatable right now. Web browsing almost can’t be beat on this device, except it is a little slow at times. In reality, the biggest issue with this device is the fact that it sports a small screen that just doesn’t do the tablet justice. A lack of apps and 3G/4G might turn off some customers, but those things are expect to expand and become available with future models. Overall, the PlayBook is a worthy device that tablet owners should consider switching to.

For more information, visit Blackberry’s PlayBook Site.