A Review of the Adobe Grand Villas in Sedona, Arizona

The Adobe Grand Villas in Sedona, Arizona is rated as the top hotel on Trip Advisor so it was an easy choice when I was looking for accommodation in which to stay with my parents while celebrating my birthday in Sedona. My parents loved the villas and while I enjoyed my stay, I thought there were a few hiccups. However, overall I would recommend the Adobe Grand Villas in Sedona.


The Rooms
I booked the Hacienda villa which had two rooms, two bathrooms, and a shared common area which comprised of a full kitchen, living room and a dining room. That way we each had our own privacy but could also spend time together while watching television or a video. The Hacienda villa at the Adobe Grand Villas in Sedona, Arizona had over 850 square feet, three gas fireplaces, a basket full of snacks (e.g. granola bars, Doritos), tea, coffee, an iron, ironing board, robes, free wifi, a DVD player, three televisions, and two balconies. The only downside was that we had to climb a full flight of stairs to get to our front door so carrying luggage up to the room was not fun but then again, it was good exercise.

I gave my parents the bigger room but honestly both rooms were very comfortable. My parents’ bathroom at the Adobe Grand Villas in Sedona, Arizona was humungous. I’ve seen apartments smaller than their bathroom. It was the epitome of grandiose. They even had a walk-in closet. Both bathrooms had a Jacuzzi tub, and extra large showers that were big enough for five people. My only gripe about the bathroom was the sink area. It was a much too high (sitting atop a dresser) and the handles were located caddy corner at an awkward angle so it was difficult to even turn the water on. I’m 5’5″ and I had to stand on my tippy toes in order to wash my face.

The Adobe Grand Villas in Sedona, Arizona provided Aveda toiletries which I loved. The refreshing mint body wash was great and I loved how the shampoo and conditioner smelled. Even little things were provided like a sewing kit, cotton balls, cotton swabs, shower caps, and a nail file.

Something I did not like about the Hacienda villa at the Adobe Grand Villas in Sedona, Arizona was the floor. It was made of brick which lay unevenly throughout (even in the bathroom) so it was not very comfortable to walk around barefoot. It also took away from any coziness but I imagine they are hearty and easy to clean.

The Common Area
The lobby of the Adobe Grand Villas in Sedona, Arizona has a large wraparound couch, a dining table, and several tables. There are menus from area restaurants and an area for coffee and tea, as well as water and lemonade in the afternoon. Each early evening or late afternoon (depending on how you look at it), the chef serves a freshly made snack. The first day we were there he made a mushroom and spinach pastry with filo dough. The second day there was a bowl of broccoli with cranberries, and the third afternoon the chef prepared stuffed mushroom caps. Freshly made cookies were left as well.

There is a cooler full of bottled water by the pool (outside of the dining room) for guests to enjoy, and there was a small bookshelf full of videos that guests could watch and return. We watched the video Once while there.

The pool was small but lovely and looked inviting. They also had a Jacuzzi, lounge chairs and towels for the guests. The Adobe Grand Villas in Sedona, Arizona do cater to their guests and even provide ice scrapers and umbrellas if needed.


The Breakfast
Though their website states a three course breakfast would be served, we never received a three course breakfast while there. Guests had the choice of having their breakfast served in their villa or they could go down to the dining room and sit at a table. We chose to eat in the dining room every morning and there was a table set for us each day. We had two different servers during our stay as well as two different chefs. Our first morning the breakfast was a sausage and cheese omelet but the chef was able to accommodate my dietary needs so I requested a veggie omelet instead. The first course was some sort of fluffy baked cinnamon roll which I did not eat but those were the only courses offered; there was no third course so we asked for fruit which they gladly gave us.

The second morning the breakfast started with fruit yogurt and granola, and pancakes with sliced cinnamon apples were the second course. Again, no third course was offered. I wasn’t fond of the pancakes and only took one or two bites but I did eat all of the apples. The yogurt was delicious.

The third morning, I had scrambled eggs which were flavorless so I could not eat them. Not even salsa and ground black pepper could make them more savory. That, of course, insulted the chef so she came out to see what was wrong and told me the eggs were not powdered (which they tasted like but I knew they were not because my father had an egg over easy), and assured me the eggs were delivered that morning. I did not doubt the freshness of the eggs, but that didn’t negate the fact they were the worst eggs I had ever eaten (or attempted to eat). The chef and I discussed how the food in Arizona is not as fresh because of the location in the desert which I understood but an egg is an egg.

Overall I was disappointed with the breakfast at the Adobe Grand Villas in Sedona, Arizona and expected much more since we paid a fortune each night. My father had the right idea when we opted for cereal after trying the food.

The Spa
The spa was the biggest disappointment. in my opinion, it was not a real spa. It was a bright room with no privacy and the air conditioning was cranked high which is a big no-no for a relaxing massage. I was booked for a Swedish massage and my mother had a crystal healing massage. The women who performed our massages were nice but I was not happy with my massage whatsoever. Loud, irritating music blared which was anything but tranquil, and the lights were left on which again, was not very relaxing. The atmosphere left something to be desired.

The women who performed the massages used coconut oil which I found to be very odd. Coconut oil is not the best oil for clients with sensitive or allergy prone skin. Massage therapists usually use sunflower or safflower oil which is much better for sensitive skin.

The woman who gave me my massage did not seem to have much massage experience and consequently she hurt me quite a bit and I felt it difficult to relax for even one minute. I do not recommend that guests book a massage at the Adobe Grand Villas in Sedona, Arizona. Instead, I suggest visitors book a spa treatment at an actual spa. I spent $225 for our massages and could not have been more disappointed.

The Adobe Grand Villas in Sedona, Arizona is probably one of the best four star hotels one could hope to stay at in Sedona. They are pricey but you get a lot for your money. Though I was disappointed with the breakfast and spa, the staff was very accommodating and genuinely interested in making their guests happy. And the villas are stunning.

The Adobe Grand Villas is located at 35 Hozoni Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336.Their phone number is (866) 900-7616. Visit their website to learn more at Adobegrandvillas.com.

*Disclaimer: This review is based on the writer’s experience during a trip in April, 2011. Readers are encouraged to stay at the Adobe Grand Villas in Sedona, AZ to formulate their own opinion.