A Review of Quick N Eat Charbroiled Cheese & Bacon Beef Patties

I am familiar with the Quick N Eat food brand. I have tried their cheese beef patties and loved them. When I spotted a package of Quick N Eat Charbroiled Cheese & Bacon Beef Patties in the frozen foods section, I was thrilled. I like a good bacon burger! I decided to buy these, try them out and write a product review about them. Here is what I discovered!

I purchased a package of six Quick N Eat Charbroiled Cheese & Bacon Beef Patties for around five dollars. These are fully cooked and only heating up is required. I loved that! These can be ready in under two minutes in a microwave. Wow, that is fast. I am a big hamburger fan and the thought of having bacon and cheese burgers in a flash was most appealing to me. I could not wait to taste these!

Though these burgers are perfect for microwave cooking they can also be grilled or heated up in a skillet. I decided to microwave cook them. The preparation is so easy. I only had to place a beef patty on a microwave safe plate, heat on high for two minutes, turning once during cooking and serve. How easy and fast is that? Wonderful. This patty smelled great and looked yummy. I like my burgers well done and that is a plus with this product. You can’t have these rare, that is for sure.

When I tasted my Quick N Eat Charbroiled Cheese & Bacon Beef burger, I loved it! This product does have a wonderful charbroiled flavor, along with cheese and a slight bacon taste. These are delicious. Place one on a hamburger bun with lettuce, a tomato slice, ketchup, mayo, a pickle and mustard…oh, my my! Very tasty! These are juicy and beefy. I rate them four and one half stars out of five stars. These creative burgers are fun to eat and filling. They also save me time spent in the kitchen. Gotta love that! I will be buying these again. It is nice to have bacon flavor on a home cooked burger without having to fry it.

One of these has 300 calories in it. 220 of those calories are from fat. They have 25 grams of total fat, 10 grams of saturated fat, 1.5 grams of trans fat, 65 mg’s of cholesterol, 470 mg’s of sodium, less than 1 gram of total carbs, 0 grams of dietary fiber, 0 grams of sugars and 17 grams of protein. These have a nice amount of calcium and iron in them. This product does contain milk. These patties also have a money back guarantee if not satisfied.

I loved trying Quick N Eat Charbroiled Cheese & Bacon Beef Patties and writing this product review about them. I highly recommend them to those who love a grilled hamburger, but don’t have the time to grill one. For more information you can visit the lopezfoods.com website. This product is a winner, in my book!