A Review of Oklahoma’s Norman Music Festival 4 (NMF4)

Central Oklahoma was abuzz this weekend, as the 4th Annual Norman Music Festival (NMF4) rolled into town; and the afternoon of Saturday April 30th couldn’t have been better, weather-wise, for all the excitement.

The Sooner Theater’s musical youth groups were preforming at the Little Rockers’ Kids Stage when I brought my daughter, Saturday afternoon. We even got the see JUSTIN BIEBER! It was only a cardboard cut out that the group brought on stage as they sang their rendition of the Bieb’s all too famous “Baby,” but all the kiddos in the audience loved it.

The Science Museum Oklahoma had fun experiments out for the kids to enjoy. There was face painting, rock and roll colored hair spray, temperorary tattoos, instruments for the kids to play with, and a station for the kids to make their very own instruments out of recycled materials- one sign of how NMF is going green this year. Some other green thinking ideas at NMF4 were: OG&E giving out pine tree saplings and recycling bins set up next to each trash can. For more information on on how the NMF is going green, check out this article: http://normanmusicfestival.com/2011/day-of-details/what-not-to-bring/100-nmf4-greener-than-ever.

Honestly, as I had a seven year in tote, I didn’t get to listen to much of the music (other than at the Kid’s Stage) but what I did hear walking around was great. With the eighteen stages they had this year, which is more than I ever remember seeing in the past, everywhere we went we were bound to stumble onto something interesting. Plus, there were over 200 performances over the weekend, so there was something for everyone!

They also had all the regular carnival rides and carnival style foods that they’ve had in years past. Tickets were only $2.50 a piece, one ticket per ride, which was very affordable.

It was just an excellent time. There was a great friendly atmosphere. Everyone, of every age, seemed to be greatly enjoying themselves! As we left my daughter exclaimed that it was the “best day of her life!”

Oh and did I mention that everything, excluding carnival rides and food, was free? Doesn’t get much better than that!


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