A Review of Nissin Tomato & Basil Ramen Noodles: Only One Dollar

I am a fan of many Nissin brand food products. Recently, I came across a box of Nissin Tomato & Basil Ramen Noodles in the unrefrigerated dinners section of my local grocery store. This meal intrigued me. I just had to buy it, try it out and write an unbiased product review about it. Here is what I discovered!

Nissin Tomato & Basil Ramen Noodles costs only one dollar. I loved that food budget friendly price. Each box has two servings in it. This dish is creative. It has premium straight cut noodles and a tomato herb blend in it, along with lots of dried tomatoes, onions and other ingredients. That all sounded great to me. This dish is cholesterol free. Fabulous! I could not wait to taste it.

This meal is perfect for microwave cooking and that is how I chose to prepare it. I vented the top, removed the three packets, added the premium ingredients packet, filled the tray with water, up to the marked fill line, re covered and heated on high for five minutes. I let it stand for one minute, uncovered, stirred in the liquid and powder seasonings packs, stirred well and served. This dish smelled yummy and it looked good!

When I tasted Nissin Tomato & Basil Ramen Noodles, I liked them. They have a nice tomato sauce and lots of herbs, spices, onions and tomatoes. The noodles were tender. Even though the veggies in this dish are dried, they are quite good. I added some extra cheese to this meal and it became delicious! It is like an Asian spaghetti meal and it is fun to eat, not to mention quite tasty. It is filling and worth the money. I got two large servings and that is a good deal. A relative of mine tried this one with me, and she loved it. I was quite impressed with this affordable product.

I rate Nissin Tomato & Basil Ramen Noodles four stars out of five stars. This dish is unique and satisfying. One serving has 250 calories in it. 100 of those calories are from fat. One serving has 11 grams of total fat, 4.5 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 0 mg’s of cholesterol, 540 mg’s of sodium, 30 grams of total carbs, 2 grams of dietary fiber, 2 grams of sugars and 6 grams of protein. This dish has a nice amount of iron in it. This product does contain egg, wheat and soybean ingredients.

I enjoyed trying Nissin Tomato & Basil Ramen Noodles and writing this product review all about it. It is a quick meal and it pleased me. This one is a winner and only one dollar. Nice. For more information, you can visit the nissinfoods.com website. This product is made in the USA.