A Review of Kraft Garlic & Herb Sandwich Shop Mayo

I like to spice up my homemade sandwiches and when I came across a bottle of Kraft Garlic & Herb Sandwich Shop Mayo in the condiments section of my local grocery store, I was intrigued! I decided to buy it, try it out and write an unbiased product review all about my experience with it. Here is what I discovered!

I bought one bottle of Kraft Garlic & Herb Sandwich Shop Mayo for around two dollars. That was a decent price, in my opinion, since each bottle has twenty-four servings in it. Speaking of the bottle, it is quite colorful and delightful to look at. The label is green with a cute veggie border and bread featured in the background. The bottle is also squeezable and I liked that fact very much. Who wants to have to use a knife to spread mayo? Interestingly enough, the flip top open lid has a large and wide opening to deliver the mayo in a thick yet perfect steam. Excellent.

I discovered that this mayo is reduced fat and that is fabulous. It has vinegar, soybean oil, garlic, eggs, basil, parsley, onions and other ingredients in it. That sounded very good. I could not wait to taste it! One thing that I wondered about when I bought this mayo was what sandwich would it be best on? Would it be better with chicken or tuna? Would it go well with ham? The key factor is liking garlic. If you like garlic on just about anything then you will like this product. It is very much all about the garlic. True, there is a basil and herb taste, but boy, what a strong garlic flavor this mayo has. It is powerful! It is creamy! It is thick. When I tasted it, I immediately thought of garlic bread. That is what you get with this one. I liked it.

Like, not love. There is a big difference. While this mayo goes well with just about any sandwich I make, it is a bit too heavy with the garlic flavor. I will say that it is the most interesting mayo I have ever tried. It looks great on a sandwich and you can smell it coming a mile away. I rate Kraft Garlic & Herb Sandwich Shop Mayo three stars out of five stars. I really wanted to like it more, but I will not be buying it again. I expected more herb flavor and that just is not there. This is a really good condiment and if you love, I mean love garlic, it is fun. Pass the breath mints, please. Whew. It will also give you a nice case of heartburn, if you are not careful. Those with sensitive stomachs, be aware.

One serving of Kraft Garlic & Herb Sandwich Shop Mayo has 40 calories. 35 of those calories come from fat. It has 3.5 grams of total fat, 0.5 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 2 grams of polyunsaturated fat, 1 gram of monounsaturated fat, less than 5 mg’s of cholesterol, 100 mg’s of sodium, 2 grams of total carbs, 0 grams of dietary fiber, less than 1 gram of sugars and 0 grams of protein. This mayo is too salty. Sad, but true. This product does contain eggs.

I enjoyed trying Kraft Garlic & Herb Sandwich Shop Mayo and writing a product review about it. It is creative and different. Something new from Kraft to try and while I was not bowled over by this mayo, many might be. Kraft sandwich shop mayo comes in other flavors like horseradish, just to name one. For more information, you can visit the kraftfoods.com website. I think that this is a good product, it is just not for me.