A Review of Framingham State University: Is it Right for You?

Framingham State University (formally known as Framingham State College), located in Framingham, Massachusetts is a wonderful college choice for many. FSU, founded in 1839 is a public, four year, coeducational college with undergraduate and graduate programs. There are 25 undergraduate programs and 24 graduate programs.

The 25 major programs for undergraduate students included:
* Art
* Biology
* Business Administration
* Business and Information Technology
* Chemistry
* Communication Arts
* Computer Science
* Early Childhood Education
* Economics
* Elementary Education
* English
* Environmental Science
* Fashion Design and Retailing
* Food and Nutrition
* Food Science
* Geography
* History
* Mathematics
* Modern Languages
* Nursing (post RN)
* Politics
* Psychology
* Sociology

In 2010, the enrollment at FSU was:
Undergraduate: 3,858
Graduate: 2,095
Total: 5,953
These numbers allow for mostly small class sizes. In my experience, a few classes were packed to the brim. These classes included many basic History classes that were required electives for most students. These classes were a result of professors allowing students to add the class in desperation to meet elective requirements and such. I was lucky enough to get signed into one of these over-crowded History classes one semester, and therefore, was able to focus the following semester on only classes in my major. For this reason, I came to understand why some classes were overpopulated, and rather than being annoyed, I realized it was more because the professors were willing to add students and workload for the benefit of specific student’s needs. This says more about the professors and how much they care, as opposed to unnecessary class-sizes, in my opinion.

The Best Academic Reason to attend FSU:
Are you looking to become a teacher? Especially one in Massachusetts? If so, FSU should be your college of choice. This college has an outstanding program to prepare teachers. They offer field studies, MTEL (teacher’s test) preparation, and student teaching experience and support. Also, they have amazing resources, including an entire room in the library dedicated to teaching materials and references. The professors are also wonderful there! Although I did find some of the professors in the Education program to be demanding; all in all, I realized they were just trying to help get their student’s better prepared. With that being said, the moment I finished the program, I was more than confident in my abilities to become a teacher. If you are choosing your college for strictly academic gain, and you are looking to become a teacher..look no further than Framingham State University.

The social life at Framingham State University (the nitty gritty):
If you are looking for a party school, FSU may not be the best choice. Now, I realize this is no reason to choose a college. But as a recent college graduate, I can honestly say that when looking for a college, I did not want a lame school with no parties. The party and social life at FSU is mostly off campus with parties thrown by juniors and seniors at their apartments. This means that having a car or knowing someone with a car is essential. It also means that you will be unable to walk to parties, which is a safely issue when alcohol is involved. The campus is also a dry campus and is extremely strict in enforcing no alcohol in the dorms. With that being said, I would still choose this college (especially if Education was my major of choice), and would make due with the lacking party scene. The college does have a gym, exercise classes, sporting teams, and social activities offered as well, which may be a good option to increase your social life.

Framingham State University is a great school with a low tuition. It is somewhat lacking in the party-atmosphere, but still fills the quota of a fun school! The professors are wonderful and caring, the students are friendly and helpful, and the campus is beautiful and small which provides a very “homey” feel.

FSU not fitting your party school needs?
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