A Review of D-Vine Wine Bar and Bistro in Chandler, Arizona

D-Vine Wine Bar and Bistro in Chandler, Arizona is a hidden gem that is probably Chandler’s best kept secret. After eating one bad meal after another in Arizona, I was beginning to think the state just didn’t have any good food (most likely because it’s in the desert and doesn’t have the ability to grow a lot of fresh produce), but D-Vine restored my faith and was not only was the best restaurant I’ve dined at in the Phoenix, Arizona area but one of the best restaurants anywhere. I don’t know how they do it but their chef should be commended for using fresh ingredients and turning them into magic on a plate. Though D-Vine in Chandler, Arizona has a wine bar and is great for social gatherings, it is also a fabulous restaurant.

I went with my parents on a Monday night and was blown away by the service and of course, the food. Our waitress, Sherry, was extremely helpful, efficient, and friendly. If only all wait staff could follow her lead. D-Vine Wine Bar and Bistro in Chandler, Arizona has tapas so you can order a bunch of small plates and share or you can order an entrée sized meal and keep it all to yourself. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

The Food
My mother ordered the fried green tomatoes (yes, it’s a real food and not just a book and movie), the fruit, cheese and nuts platter, and tuna tataki (which was part of the happy hour menu with reduced prices). My father had the mini Caesar salad (for just $3 on the happy hour menu), lamp pops (where the portion is enough to entice your taste buds and leave you wanting more), and we shared the crab cakes. I also ordered the scallop salad at D-Vine Wine Bar and Bistro in Chandler, Arizona.

The Taste
I only tasted the crab cake and scallop salad but everything else looked incredible and my parents enjoyed their food immensely. The crab cakes were fresh and homemade yet they did not taste fishy. They were neither too dry nor too moist and were simply delightful.

My scallop salad was incredible. I hadn’t eaten scallops in probably 15 years but decided to take a chance because both my mother and the waitress recommended it. I took a chance and was glad I did. The salad consisted of fresh spinach and Romaine with a lovely apple cider and honey balsamic dressing, shaved Parmesan (they normally use Gruyere but I made a substitution), caramelized onions, and green apple slices.

The scallop salad usually has the scallops wrapped in bacon but I do not eat pork so D-Vine in Chandler, Arizona was very accommodating. The dressing was just enough to bring the greens to life but it was not overwhelming. The scallops, however, were the main stars of this dish. They were seasoned and pan fried to perfection and for that, I give the chef at D-Vine Wine and Bistro in Chandler, Arizona five stars.

D-Vine has a little bit of everything including wood fired pizzas, burgers, pasta, and steak. Whatever you’re craving they have it and they can accommodate customers’ dietary needs. D-Vine Wine Bar and Bistro in Chandler, Arizona has specials during lunch and dinner, and they also have a Sunday brunch. But if you’re looking for something really special why not try their wine pairing menu which features a three course menu and a variety of wines?

And for those who prefer to dine outside, you’re in luck because D-Vine has outdoor seating as well. D-Vine Wine Bar and Bistro also has live music and of course, a large variety of wine. Whether you go for a drink, to listen to the music, socialize or to have one of the best meals of our life, D-Vine Wine Bar and Bistro in Chandler, Arizona won’t disappoint.

D-Vine Wine Bar and Bistro is located at 3990 S. Alma School, Chandler, AZ 85248. Reservations can be made on-line or via phone at (480) 782-5550. Visit their website for more information at Dvinebistro.com.