A Review of Chobani Strawberry Greek Yogurt: All Natural

I love trying different types of yogurt. When I spotted a container of Chobani Strawberry Greek Yogurt in the refrigerated yogurt section of my local grocery store, I noticed right away that it was different. I decided to purchase it, try it out and write an unbiased product review all about my personal experience with it. Here is what I discovered!

Chobani Strawberry Greek Yogurt is affordable. One container costs a bit over one dollar. It is a six ounce size container and that is a decent deal, in my opinion. You may have been hearing a lot about Greek yogurt lately. There is a very good reason for that. Richness. Many chefs cook with Greek yogurt and refuse to use any other type. It’s rich texture is beyond compare. I only recently tried Greek yogurt and it blew me away. Totally. Now, I eat it exclusively. It has spoiled me for any other type.

Chobani Strawberry Greek Yogurt has many good things going for it. It is fat free, cholesterol free and protein rich. It also has lots of calcium in it. Calcium is a good reason to eat this snack and if you are not fond of drinking milk, this yogurt can help your body’s daily calcium supply. I could not wait to taste this yogurt. When I did, I just loved it! It is rich, creamy and thick. This treat has fruit on the bottom. Strawberries! Lots of small pieces of strawberries are present and yummy! The swirled design of this yogurt is very cool. White and red and oh so tasty. This yogurt is simply delicious. It is perfect. I will be buying it again. I rate it five stars out of five stars. A relative of mine tried this yogurt also and she flipped out. It got a big thumbs up from her! I agree.

One serving of Chobani Strawberry Greek Yogurt has 140 calories in it. 0 of those calories are from fat. It has 0 grams of total fat, 0 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 0 mg’s of cholesterol, 65 mg’s of sodium, 20 grams of total carbs, less than 1 gram of dietary fiber, 19 grams of sugars and 14 grams of protein. This treat has nonfat milk, strawberries, evaporated cane juice, locust bean gum, natural flavor, pectin, vegetable juice for color and five live active cultures. Yes, this product does contain milk.

I loved trying Chobani Strawberry Greek Yogurt and writing a product review about it. It is a great product and I highly recommend it to yogurt lovers. This brand has flavors like honey, plain, pineapple, lemon and peach, just to name a few. This product is all natural, and ten percent of all proceeds go to charities worldwide. Gotta love that! This yogurt is lovingly made in NY. It is a true winner!