A Review of Atlantic City’s Poker Rooms

Atlantic City is nicknamed “America’s Favorite Playground” and for poker players, it is a major destination for playing Texas Hold ‘Em cash games and tournaments. Below is a list of A.C.’s more popular poker rooms, a general overview of the type of players you’ll find there, and other amenities.

Borgata Poker Room

The largest poker room in Atlantic City with 85 tables, a wide variety of games and limits, and a hip crowd. Each season, the Borgata hosts a series of tournaments (Summer, Spring and Winter Poker Open). There are between 30-40 events. You are more likely to spot a celebrity playing here than at any other A.C. hotel. Cash games range from 1-2 NL, 2-4L, 2-5NL, 5-10NL, and 10-20 limit. The higher limit cash games are in the back with games going up as high as 20-40 NL and 20-40 Pot Limit Omaha. The Borgata attracts professional players from all over the U.S. The chips are modern and magnetic so they stack up easier. They run daily tournaments as well as sit-n-go’s ranging from $30 buy-ins up to $1000.

Bally’s Poker Room

Located on the fifth floor of the hotel in the back of Billy’s Sports Room–Poker and Ponies! This poker room is a great place to get your feet wet if you are just beginning to play live. The room is small with about 10-20 tables with 1-2 NL, 2-4limit, 1-5 Stud, and 1-3 NL. It is rare for higher limits to be played here. An advantage of playing at Bally’s is that you do not have to post a blind if you want to enter a hand before the big blind. Also, when the bad beat jackpot hits at Bally’s, the whole room is paid a certain percentage of the prize pool. Every other A.C. casino only pays the winning table. Tournaments are usually held twice a day near clear glass windows with an ocean view.

Trump Taj Mahal Poker Room

The players here are mostly regular, local grinders. It is a large room with games ranging from 1-2NL, 2-4limit, 1-3 stud. Be careful if you are a beginner. These are shark-infested waters! Since all the players are local, many of them are friends and have knowledge of each other’s playing style. When they recognize a new player, they are keen to attack, trap, and extract any money you have to gamble with. A disadvantage to this room is that the chips are dirty and old. Eeew!

Caesar’s Poker Room

Caesar’s “Poker Arena” is an all-around great place to play. Games range from 1-2NL, 2-4 limit, 2-5 NL, and a daily tournament at 3pm. A unique thing about this room is its in an open space and the felt on the tables is soft, like a cushion, not hard like the other rooms. A mix of players with some regulars and tourists.

Tropicana Poker Room

The Trop’s poker room has a variety of local grinders and tourists who are attracted to stay here for The Quarter—a section of the hotel with stores and nice restaurants. It can be tricky to locate–it is in a large closed off room with one medium-sized sign saying Poker Room. Games range from 1-2 NL, 2-4 Limit, 5-10 half kill, and a $7.50–15 Limit with unique “$2.50 pink chips” There is a bar in the Poker Room, a horse betting cage, and several flat-screen television sets.

Whether you are a casual or professional poker player or just getting started, Atlantic City offers a variety of options to feed your poker playing habit. Many rooms also offer menus with cheap sandwiches for the hardcore grinders who will eat n’ play throughout the day.

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