A Review of a Mercedes Benz E Class Sedan

The Mercedes Benz E Class was a car that I had considered after researching some of the best luxury sedans on the market. According to a recent article by US News, it is the best luxury sedan on the market. After reviewing the data I took it for a test run in Morristown, New Jersey to see how the car handled and gain an overall picture of this luxury sedan.

In the dealership, the car had an aerodynamic feel with a classy exterior that only a Mercedes can provide. The Capri Blue color against an almond leather interior was eye catching. The car still has a sporty look that is combined with a regal design. I took some time looking at the car and it was far roomier than I had imagined. It had a strong shaped exterior that told me that it meant business.

The interior was a combination of bells and whistles that spell technology, vision and luxury. The COMAND system was very impressive. The dealer explained that the radio, a phone and the navigation system can all be controlled by voice activation. A power rear sunshade is a nice touch that gives a driver every nuance of amenities. The wood grain interior is polished and rich. The old world look and feel of a classic luxury car is combined with the most modern technology available today. An added surprise was the 6 GB hard drive to hold enough music for every song I could ever want.

As I started the car I heard the crisp rev of a superior engine. I rolled the car out of the parking lot and got the feel of the handling. It was not too stiff and was agile enough dispel any thoughts I would have about handling. The car responded well to the lightest of touches and demonstrated ability to behave smoothly. As the car opened up on the ramp to the highway (Route 287) it took off with a slight touch of the pedal. It was a smooth and effortless drive. The car was easy to maneuver and handled well around the turns off of the highway through town. I can see how this type of vehicle appeals to the young and old.

The dealer then surprised me with a demonstration of PARKTRONIC. This optional equipment can help you find a parking space that is correctly proportioned to your car and helps you to parallel park. The car all but parked itself as there were instructions to park the car correctly. I had never used a system to park a vehicle before so I was amazed by the ability of the car to park with instruction!

All in all, it was an amazing test drive and left me truly considering this vehicle as a viable upgrade to my current vehicle. I really liked the smooth, effortless driving feel of the car. I liked it’s power and ability to handle well. I was blown away by the technological advances this car has to offer.