A Review: Happy Harvest Candied Sweet Potatoes

I enjoy sweet potatoes but admit that I do not usually cook them until the holiday season. My husband does not enjoy eating sweet foods with his main meal so I do not make candied sweet potatoes except for a special occasion. I have tried various brands of canned sweet potatoes and “doctored” them when I did not make candied sweet potatoes from “scratch”. On a shopping trip to Aldi around the Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter holidays, I noticed that fancy grade A candied sweet potatoes by Happy Harvest appeared on Aldi’s shelves. As I picked up a can and read the ingredients, I saw that there were no preservatives listed nor multi-syllabic names of chemicals or food additives that I could not pronounce. In fact, the ingredients were listed with corn syrup, spice, and vanilla as the major ingredients along with water and brown sugar. Some may find the presence of corn syrup to be problematic. The label states that the Happy Harvest Candied sweet potatoes are an excellent source of Vitamin A and does not contain artificial flavors. I did purchase several cans for the holiday as well as for future use because I find that Happy Harvest Candied Sweet Potatoes seem to be a seasonal item. They are not on the shelves as a regular grocery item.

Loyal Aldi shoppers note that the grocery chain has changed all or most of its product packaging. The packaging is eye catching and colorful. Happy Harvest grade A fancy candied sweet potatoes are packaged in a colorful green and white labeled can with a picture of cut sweet potatoes prominently pictured on the label. On the side of the can, a fork is pictured with candied sweet potatoes on it. The size I purchased was the 15.5 ounce can and the product is available in a larger ounce can too. Happy Harvest Candied Sweet Potatoes is distributed by Aldi, Inc. I have not seen this product on major supermarket shelves.

Nutrition Content Information
The serving size is 1/2 cup for the 15.5 oz can with 3 servings per can. Calorie count is stated to be 150g with 0 calories from fat. Total fat and saturated fat content is 0% as well as cholesterol. Sodium is 240g and sugars amount to 43 g. Vitamin A is 180%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium content 2% and Iron 4%. Happy Harvest Candied Sweet Potatoes contain nonfat dry milk and buttermilk. The label states that Happy Harvest candied sweet potatoes are gluten free.

Heat the contents of the can and serve as a side dish for your dinner or as an accompaniment to your main entree. I heated the Happy Harvest Candied Sweet Potatoes in the oven for approximately 20 minutes and the taste and quality were quite acceptable. I added no sugar or spices at all because the sweetness of Happy Harvest candied sweet potatoes was sufficient for my taste. The potatoes held their shape and did not become mushy. While the product does not rival my mom’s candied sweet potato recipe, the taste was quite satisfactory to me, especially if you do not have the inclination to make the candied sweet potatoes from scratch but want a quick dish. You can add any additional ingredients such as marshmallows, nuts or other such items to adapt to your own taste preferences.

The disadvantage to the Happy Harvest Candied sweet potatoes is that it appears to be a seasonal specialty item. I have only seen it on Aldi’s shelves during holidays so if you try Happy Harvest Candied Sweet Potatoes and enjoy the products, I recommend purchasing additional cans to stock your pantry until it appears for the next holiday.

If you like candied sweet potatoes and don’t want to prepare them and desire a quick, palatable dish, try Happy Harvest grade A fancy candied sweet potatoes for a healthy, easy to prepare alternative. The product comes with a 100% money back guarantee.