A Regression of Past Lives May Just Do the Trick

Ora and Devlin sat across from Peter as he described his night terrors. At first he was reluctant to talk about them, but Devlin and Ora assured him he was among friends and would not be judged.

“When did you first start experiencing these night terrors?” Ora began the session. “They all started the moment I saw her. She was dressed so elegantly, and she was beautiful, but not. She had these purple spots all around her and on her face, just all over her.” Peter replied. “And why do you think she is the one whose causing these nightmares?” Devlin asked. “Each time I see her, they become worse. At first it was just a blast of light and dark, but then it became something else.” Peter said.

“What do you mean by something else?” Devlin leaned in. “It’s hard to explain.” He said. “Don’t be afraid of it, Peter. If you don’t confront it, things will only get worse.” Ora gently grabbed his hand; she felt him trembling with fright. “Before I tell you anything, I never believed in these things until they happened to me.” Peter answered.

“Instead of telling us about your night visions you begin by telling us what happened the other afternoon in the restaurant.” Ora asked. Peter looked at her strangely. “How did you know about that?” Peter inquired. “The spirits around you told me, they’ve also informed me about Nancy, she’s the one you were speaking of moments ago wasn’t she?” Ora asked. “She’s the one I murdered!” Peter cried. “If that is so, why do I get the feeling from your guides that she is still living?” She asked. “She’s dead! I know because I am the one who killed her!” Peter angrily persisted.

“What makes you think you’re the one who killed this woman?” Devlin asked. “When I was in the restaurant, she became engulfed in flames, and I saw myself standing over her with a knife in my hand!” Peter bursted into remorseful tears.

“Was there anyone else in the room with the two of you at the time?” Devlin asked. “On the afternoon of the luncheon were some of my co-workers and my boss Mr. Benetti.” Peter replied. “Peter, just to make everything clearer we wish to put you under; it will help us better understand what you’re seeing.” Ora said. “What do you mean by put me under?” He nervously replied. “We would be hypnotizing you, it will not harm you, but it will give Devlin and I a better picture of what is troubling you.” She explained. “Are you willing to give it a try, Mr. Garner?” Devlin asked.

“I think that would be all right.” He nodded while twiddling his thumbs. Ora could already see the beads of cold perspiration forming on his forehead; she reached out and touched his hand. “Trust me, Peter, you have nothing to be frightened of.” Ora spoke calmly to ease his worried mind.