Sometimes I take way too long in getting to the point. Those of you who have read some of my articles here are probably saying that is an understatement. Well Tonight, I am going to get right to the point.

I love my kids!

That’s the whole point. My wife and I have four phenomenal, amazing, incredible kids. I could tell you about the youngest who wants to go into politics and who is a Sophomore in college at the same time she is a Junior in high school. Or I could spend pages explaining how proud I am of my 19 year old daughter, She spent part of her summer at Girls State, and then her senior year in high school lived as an exchange student in Berlin, Germany. Now she is finishing her Freshman year in college while researching and planning for a way to go out of state to the University of Texas in Austin next year. But then I could not leave out my son; my only son, who is even now serving in the Army, in Afghanistan. His dreams and talents could fill many many pages. If I did not think he would kill me, I would send you a link to his facebook page where you could be astounded at his artistic skills. I could not be any more proud of any of them.

But today, March 30, 2011 I want to tell the story of my oldest child, my first born, the daughter after my own heart. Please understand that it is not right to compare children and hold one up as superior to another, and I am not doing that here. But I could tell similar stories of each one of my heaven sent blessings. But Rebekah will be 25 years old tomorrow 31 March. One-quarter of a century. 25 years ago today was a Sunday, my wife, great with child. We went to church as we typically did, and have continued to do most Sundays since then. There were the typical ladies guessing and predicting the delivery date as you would find in any other church.

This was not only a Sunday, but it was Easter Sunday. So we left church went home, I think we probably had a nap, a good lunch and then we would have gone to the evening service, but my wife was growing weary of having to carry all that extra baby all day, it was time and she was very tired. So we stayed home and since it was Easter, the “Ten Commandments” was the thing to watch. And so, we did.

Moses was doing his thing as a pseudo Pharaoh and my wife said that she thought we should go to the hospital, if not right then, then pretty soon. But we waited. I like to tell my daughter that right about the time that Moses was parting the Red Sea, her mom’s water broke. How poetic would that have been, but her water waited until we got to the hospital.

And so we eventually did make our way to the hospital that night. We got there fairly late and my wife was in labor for the rest of the night and into the morning. I am not sure if the sun was up by the time Rebekah was born, but it was 7:35 that next morning, 31 March that she came into the world. And since that day, my life has not been the same. In that hospital room, I held that baby, and spoke to her as an adult. I told her and her mother, “I can’t wait until I can have a conversation with her”. That day came all too quickly, but I was not disappointed. Even today having a conversation with her on facebook, she was elaborating on spiritual truths that she had gleaned in her bible study. Her walk with Christ is more typical for one who has walked with the Lord much longer than she.

Now pursuing a post-graduate degree out of state, She amazes me as an adult, and a beloved daughter, and now she has truly become my sister in Christ. I remember those early days when God saw fit to give my wife ill health for nearly the entire first year of my Rebekah’s new life. I had the blessed privilege of being mom and dad to her as I was with her all day and all night. I only relinquished her to some close friends to watch while I had to go to work. But she went with me to visit her mom in the hospital and she spent many hours cuddling with mom in the hospital as she fought to restore her health.

That first year solidified a closeness that I believe continues to today. Being in the Air Force, we traveled, and in Germany, Rebekah would learn some German, and perhaps that is where she found her great love for the study of languages. So it makes sense that she would graduate with her Bachelors degree in linguistics. And now pursuing further education in speech therapy, she is a natural with young children, but I think she will be a hit with patients of any age when she finishes and gets into the “Real World”.

That is where she thrives; she is a “real world” person. For her age, she has seen tragedy heart break and some very hard times. She pretty much put herself through college, paying for it a little bit with scholarships, but mostly it was by working two jobs while she had a full course load at school. She is one of the hardest working, smartest young person her age that I know. I don’t just say that because she is my daughter, but I think those who know her outside of our home, would agree.

Where does she go from here? I am not quite sure, but I know it will be exciting to watch. But not nearly as exciting as it will be for her to live. Rebekah does not sit on the sidelines. She has flown airplanes, rappelled off of cliffs, mountain climbed, hiked up several 14,000 foot Colorado peaks, traveled, and is a stellar student. But more than any of that, she is my daughter.

Sure this is a rather personal post, and I am indulging myself a bit. But I am utterly amazed at what God can do, in taking two young people from two different broken homes, and shedding his grace in such abundance as to bless us with four tremendous kids. I want to take the opportunity today to wish my Dearest Rebekah, Happy 25th Birthday.

I’ll write some more nonsense again tomorrow…but today, I have to recognize God’s amazing grace in the last 25 years, by remembering my daughter. And I think in doing so I am honoring my heavenly Father, for it is he who receives all the credit and all the glory for this beautiful young women.

Rebekah, I love you!