A Pound of Flesh and “Blood…,” And Wonder, “Why?”

Homo Sapiens. Species upon our planet, and upon which we all lay claim to being. Evolutionists say we are all descendants of Apes. But is it true? Genetically, our DNA is almost a perfect match, but then we could be just about any species of animal on earth. Key word here, is “animal.” This is where many get insulted, for we are “no” ANIMAL. Yet, take a hard look around you. Listen to news on a daily basis, then make the summation as to whether we act as a species “above” that of any common “carnivore.”

Mankind, driven by fear. Mankind driven by paranoia, and mankind driven by “hate.” Not a day goes by that it is hard for me to accept that many state that we are an advanced species, yet much of our intelligence goes into creating bigger and better weapons to destroy each other with. Technology. It is really our toys that asserts the fact that we are “intelligent?” Or is it an honest presumption that because we bless each other with high degrees of paper trying to outdo one another that bases intellect. What ever the case be, seems that history no matter what our advancements, the human animal never ceases to exist. Ever prowling, never content. The hunger for “power,” the ambition of many a Neanderthal that keeps mankind at within it’s grasp.

Mankind at one point or another has dealt with the inhumane, the cruel, the ruthless. Time and time again, someone on this planet gets it into their head that they can rule the world. Only to shorten their lives by their own insanity. Whether we like it or not, we are like this animal, and history has been full of them, for we yet have to advance to a state of not making a ritual out of death. Not our own, but of others for our sake. We build rituals around blood, we build religions around the holiness of blood, and we are driven to watch it, hear it, or smell it to satisfy our lust for the spilling of it. Look hard and tell me we are not driven to bite into a chunk of meat just to see the blood flowing out of it. Tell me we have risen above the intellect of those who prey upon others for their existence.

Though we look into the eyes of truth about ourselves as a species, we deny it. We kill in the name of righteousness, we murder in the name of holiness, yet silence the critics, and we smell the burning flesh of another, and call it the sweet fragrance of success. Even when the one that created all things sent someone down to teach us, many denied him, spit in his face, then nailed him to some wood to satisfy this lust for blood. For many centuries, millions were sacrificed to this God, unlike the many Gods who receive sacrifice within the religions of earth, yet humanity turns a blind eye to all that is said to be in the name of “holiness.”

Those who bear the sword, die by the sword, it is said. Love and compassion are but mere words, masked as a necessary evil against evil, yet a pound of flesh bears the blood of salvation amongst those who condemn the rest. Peace but a word, that is, but, … a “WORD.” When any religion does not exemplify the intellect of logic in behaviors, ANY RELIGION, “then” it must be said, that our species has yet a long road to learn what is morally right and wrong, what is love and hate, and yet to communicate and “relate.” Intelligence is measured in a much more amicable way through the love of one another and not pieces of paper. Behavior surpasses intellect, for though we speak not, others see the genius of our wisdom. THAT is the achievement we should all strive for in a “lifetime,” not all these deluded rituals and beliefs of they who fail to evolve for they seek only to stand above another in the sight of a God they have yet to discern or find though it’s truths of itself are written down within their holy books.

The “revelation” to true intellect and wisdom comes out of the discerning of “behavior” and “example,” even IN A GOD, or GODS we choose to worship. Much more important comes why we were created, not as mindless servants, but as beings with a brain. That is the “greatest” gift, for to end the need for a pound of flesh or blood must come confidence in one’s, “SELF.”