A Poster and Interview on ‘Almighty Thor’ — that OTHER ‘Thor.’

Almighty Thor is not to be confused with Kenneth Branagh’s high-budget, Marvel Comics-inspired Thor, starring Chris Hemsworh. No, this is the low-budget version from Asylum Entertainment, directed by Christopher Ray, starring Cody Deal.

Here is the synopsis (according to the company website The Asylum): When the demon god Loki destroys the fortress of Valhalla and steals the Hammer of Invincibility, only the young hero Thor can protect Earth from armageddon.

A poster and some stills have been released for Almighty Thor, along with an interview with Cody Deal at comicbookmovie.com. According to Cody Deal, he had also previously auditioned for Thor, the Marvel version:

I auditioned back in March of 2009, just two months after starting beginning acting classes. I was way too green, so I don’t blame Marvel for not choosing me. It was me; not them. But it was a life-changing experience, never auditioning for anything in L.A. and coming in to read for the lead role of a major blockbuster film with a budget of $150 million. That was a dream come true in of itself. I could have hung up my boots then and said, “I MADE IT,” moved back to Kansas and been content for the rest of my life.

In the interview, Deal talked more about Kevin Nash (Odin), and Richard Grieco (Loki):

Kevin is so down-to-earth. He was like me. When we ate lunch, he didn’t go back to his trailer, he ate with the crew and the extras. He was just a humble guy, and hilarious! I told him as long as he didn’t try to convert me to a wrestling superstar, we could be friends… I’m also a pretty big guy, especially for an actor, I am huge. But Kevin makes me look normal! He’s 6’10”! The guy is a A+ material.

Grieco was cool, man! I like what he brought to Loki; his own interpretation. During a wire-stunt I was doing with him, it went terribly wrong…The Screen Actors Guild shut us down for two days. We wrapped early that day because of it and Richard came to my trailer and asked if I was okay. You could see how genuine he was being in his eyes… And after that point, I held a high-respect for Richard and felt like we bonded for the rest of filming.

About the film’s budget and whether the film is a serious one, Deal adds:

The best way I can explain our film is that, yes, you actually do want to take it seriously because it chronicles Thor coming of age. You watch him go from Thor to the God of Thunder. But going into it, there needs to be an understanding of how the film was made. We didn’t get $50 million to put into titillating visual effects and have six months to film. We had two weeks. Visual effects had three weeks. With that type of time, you have to go in with a level of fun and adventure, and be that little kid watching with innocent eyes, instead of the adult who doesn’t falls out of the story because something didn’t look right.

I’d tell them to watch it before they knock it. I’d tell them that people worked just as hard to make this film as the big film. I would tell them that if they just gave it a chance, went into it with the little kid inside them that I spoke about, I truly don’t know how they would come out disappointed.

Starring Gerald Webb, Patricia Velasquez, Richard Grieco, Kevin Nash, Cody Deal, Nicole Fox, Leslea Fisher, and Jess Allen, Almighty Thor airs on SyFy May 7th (then gets an international standard dvd release DVD May 10th and hits Blu-ray May 27th), following the other more well-known Thor movie, which comes to theaters on May 6th of this year.