A Non-Techie’s Lament

A Non-Techie’s Lament

I approach the keyboard with caution.

Fear rules my every click.

I want to do right, I really do.

Navigating just makes me sick.

I try to understand all directions given

In a language totally foreign, though.

Single-click this bubble spot.

A simple task ‘” No! No! No!

A drop-down appears with new commands

And tells me I’m in error.

Now what do I do? I yell.

I’ve gone from fear to terror.

In panic mode I click my mouse.

My content disappears.

Into cyberspace I guess,

Re-enforcing fears.

My task was simple. I am told.

By techies who are shocked.

How did I get to be this age

And be so techie-blocked?

I’m not a geek. I don’t surf well.

The net and I do part.

On different planes in different zones.

My efforts doomed from start.

Just upload and drag from here

To here this icon, please.

Just hit the key in front of you.

Tech-challenged’s a disease.

I try so hard to follow its

Words, commands, icons.

I hit a key and can’t undo.

An hour’s work is gone.

Ne’re to be retrieved by me.

Trashed and buried lost.

Please come back to me again,

To get right, spare no cost.

But no, I am denied the chance.

My efforts they have failed.

Red borders, warning signs appear.

My cyber ship has sailed.

My content gone, my screen is blank,

My project now is toast.

Another cyber challenge flunked.

I do not get to boast.

Gigabytes, cookies, ram and spam.

Jargon lost on me.

Forever doomed to lag behind.

Never to clearly see

What kids can do so naturally ‘”

They navigate and play.

I-phones, Kindles, Droids and games.

They seem to know the way.

I, alas, do not compute.

I just don’t undertand.

How to get from A to B.

A stranger in cyberland.

My efforts wasted, left in the dust.

A Neanderthal of old.

Obsolete before my time.

A relic past, I’m told.

Hardware, software, out of reach.

Cannot join this group.

This younger crowd of technokids.

Forever out of the loop.

Anacronism, out of touch.

Falling further behind.

Stuck in an analog world for good,

Forever technically blind.