A Nobody Pro Wrestler’s Autobiography

The Somebody Obsession defies the notion that there is only one way to be successful in professional wrestling, and that is through the company at the top of the food chain, World Wrestling Entertainment. At times heartbreaking, hilarious, informative, and irreverent, former professional wrestler Matt Murphy has a no- nonsense and easy-to-understand approach to his writing that is refreshing. I enjoyed reading the book because it felt l ike one of my buddies was telling me these great stories over a beer on a Sunday afternoon . It was candid and yet very informative. The Somebody Obsession is a book that is prideful of its conversational tone.

It is this conversational tone that will win the reader over from the very beginning. Among the many layers to The Somebody Obsession is Matt’s relationship with his mother, and in conversational fashion he speaks of the highs and lows of this relationship. The root cause for much of Matt’s early suffering, Matt is evenhanded in attributing m any successes to his mother in addition to the failures . This is an endearing trait, and the reader quickly realizes that the current work-in-progress known as Matt Murphy has turned out fine despite all of his early trouble. It is Matt’s early childhood that really connected with me at the beginning of the book . His love of wrestling started as a young boy and it grew from a sort of fascination into something of an obsession and eventually a crutch to p rop him up from the realities of life.

Some may be quick to point out that Matt was a never a “somebody” in pro wrestling, but those people will miss out on one of the most appealing aspects of The Somebody Obsession . Many pro wrestler biographies aim to burn long since crossed bridges or maintain bridges that may need to be crossed again. With Matt, not only do you get a completely different perspective on these bridges, but you get t he sense that Matt realizes his book is not the authority on people and is but one view of various personalities. For being a “nobody”, Matt has rubbed elbows with Harley Race, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Big Van Vader, Bret “The Hitman ” Hart, John Laurinitis , Big Bossman , Meng ( Haku ), Abdullah the Butcher, Juventud Guerrera , Trevor Murdoch, Malia Hosaka and the list goes on and on. Matt Murphy does what wrestlers with WWE book deals cannot. He can be open and honest with no fear of business-related repercussions. His status as the first ever graduate from Harley Race’s professional wrestling school lends credibility to his views.

Matt has the ability to describe things as only a true friend can open up and say, and as such the reader must be mature enough to handle what is being read . The book was great and a must read for any true wrestling fan, but it isn’t for the easily offended (or faint of heart). He tackles reverse racism, drinking habits, and various sexual exploits among other topics. Have you ever been worried about the gender of a sexual partner? Matt has.

As a father, husband, dreamer, writer, and professional wrestling fan, I can easily identify with The Somebody Obsession . The book is a great autobiography, and equally enjoyable to the professional wrestling fanatic and the professional wrestling critic, alike.

The Somebody Obsession can be purchased on Amazon and on Matt’s Blog in print and in Kindle versions. I encourage you to check it out!