A Night Out at the Cinemas, a Night Out in Hell

Planning on enjoying a night out at the cinema’s this weekend? Well, for about $10 a ticket per person, and an overpriced selection of unsatisfying junk food, you better hope that you get your money’s worth from the movie itself when paying a visit to any of today’s local cinemas.

However, before you plan your evening, don’t forget to lower your expectations on the quality of the theatre itself. Through past experiences, it seems as though whenever I try to go and enjoy a flick at any of the nearest cinemas today, I can pretty much count on being uncomfortable for the next two hours while my feet become glued to the floor due to the sticky spilt soda that’s been drying on the ground for the last couple movies straight. As well as receiving an aching back pain from the cheap squeaky seats that are so poorly made that it feels like you’ve become a prisoner strapped down to an electric chair…and the only hope for any kind of relief is if the movie you’re about to watch is relatively decent, and that’s a really big “if” by today’s entertainment standards.

On top of that, I’m sure just about all of us can relate to the annoyance we get when certain individuals feel the need to text and talk on their cell phones during a movie…as if their trying to tell us that they’re “important” and that they actually have “friends” and they want to let the whole world know…how kind of them. However, I suppose this is not the fault of the theatre itself, but more like the incompetence of the work staff who refuse to enforce the “no texting while the picture is in motion” policy.

Aside from the work staff’s lack of responsibility though, I also can’t help but stress the idiocy of couple’s who think it’s a good idea to bring their baby to the movies. Let’s remind ourselves that babies don’t watch movies, because they’re babies…all they do is cry, especially when they’re in a really big dark room with strangers watching a really loud movie.

So to all the naive parents out there; if you can’t find a babysitter, then it looks like you’re not going to be enjoying a night out this weekend. Then again, if the work staff was competent enough to predict that a baby would actually cause a disturbance in such an environment, then these incidences could be avoided…if only common sense were a part of the job description.

Ignoring the ever increasing ticket prices, dimwitted employee staff, rude individuals, and the unsanitary condition of theatre itself; just be prepared to leave the building with a “what the hell just happened?” kind of feeling. Enjoy your weekend!